Van Helsing(S04E12) “Three Pages”

Alright ladies and gentleman we literally had one crazy episode brought to us tonight! I said things were going to get crazy and they sure did! So without further a-due let’s get to this review!

So last weeks review I had said that we would have some crazy stuff happening when it got closer to the season finale well folks next week is it, that’s right next week is the season finale. Which means this week had to be crammed with some crazy plots and a little bit of love. We finally got some answers though about that day of the rising when Jack (Nicole Munoz) was in danger and that vampire protected her, the vamp indeed come by Hansen/Willem’s (Neal McDonough) orders and did his job well but that vamps whereabouts are still unknown, so what happened to that vamp after his duty was done? A mystery I’m sure we’ll get answered if we get a Season 5!The same thing with Doc, a mystery we will  have revealed by Season 5!

With the sisters on a path to travel into the Dark Ones/Dracula (Tricia Helfer) dark realm it took a protective father to show his girls what needed to be said. Revealing that the two of them are the key to stop the dark one with one bite. But it can’t be that easy, there has to be a warning label somewhere like “warning if you bite and destroy the dark one you will take his/or her place” I mean it really can’t be that easy without some consequences, can it?

Now I’ll be honest I didn’t really like Hansen/Willem all that much at first. He was just this guy who seemed way too evil and then we see his past and I’m like I actually care about the guy. I was literally asking myself what’s happening to me, but after seeing these recent pieces to his past how he never gave up on the Van Helsing families true objective, it makes sense how he had to play the role of the bad guy in order to really be the good guy. If only he shared his true meaning with others at Black Tech maybe certain people wouldn’t have died. But in the end Hansen really was a good guy who did everything to protect Violet (Keeya King) and Jack with his dying breath. Rest In Peace Hansen!

But lets talk about that real moment that happened in this episode. When Jack and Ivory (Jennifer Cheon Garcia) had that loving moment. We need a shipping name people, what do you think the shipping name should be? Tell me the best suggestions in the comments and I’ll be sure to use that shipping name in future reviews. I just love that Jack finally did open herself up to someone again so that maybe she can have someone to love when all of this madness and crazy apocalypse is over. I look forward to watching that relationship grow into a beautiful, gorgeous flower.

And let’s not forget, when Jack and Violet jumped into the portal and were spit out with some very dangerous health scares. So question is, what the hell happened that made Jack come back with no pulse and Violet seizing up? My theory is that their bodies were spit back out but their souls are still inside the dark realm having to fight against the Dark One/Dracula. Only way to really find out is by watching the season finale next week!

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S04E13) “The Beholder” airs Friday December 20, 2019 at 10/9c on Syfy