Legacies (S02E08) “This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent”

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Christmas came early on Legacies and it was AWESOME!!!

If you haven’t seen this episode of Legacies, now might be a good time to stop reading.


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This episode begins with snows and lots and lots of Christmas cheer. It doesn’t seem to last long anyway as we are told its still October. That means,  it could only be the work of a Malivore monster (I guess monsters do not get the holidays off). We quickly see Hope fighting against Faux-Christmas (with her family almost entirely gone, its understandable that the holidays are not her favorite time of the year).

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We also see Alaric in the fight against Christmas but all that goes out the window when Dorian offers him Tea. He switches into full blown Christmas mode with nogs and sweaters and all the cheer you could possibly imagine. Honestly after the year he has had, one cannot blame him for wanting to just kick back and enjoy himself a bit.

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I particularly liked the way this arch played out. We see Landon  and Raf on a quest to find Raf’s birth parents but as we know, Landon’s last attempt to reunite father and son didn’t go so well and we could see Raf hesitate a bit. We see Raf’s father pull a gun on them and on some level recognize Raf as his son because he apparently has “more than just his mothers eyes”. There’s no yelling or blaming as these things usually go.  Just a lot of listening and understanding and I was really glad for that. Hopefully, this family reunion will be for the best. But honestly, I am waiting for the ball to drop (as is the norm). Until then, my fingers are tightly crossed.


After failed attempts to convince the Salvatore compound residents that Christmas was an illusion, we see Hope enlist the help of Clark. It turns out he is just as miserable as she is and that’s why they are both unaffected by whatever was going around. Clark in his usual way betrays Hope when he makes a wish. Wishing daddy dearest to come to his rescue using the Krampus but things do not exactly go as planned.


Lizzy is on a quest to find Landon on the behest of hope. She goes on the road with Sebastian. And through out the episode we see her express how much she loathes him. She even leaves him stranded in the middle of nowhere. In the end though, we see them settle their differences in the way mortal enemies who are attracted to each other often do, with hot steaming sex.

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In a moment of clarity, thanks to Hope, we see Alaric request for his crossbow. This comes in handy when Clark summons the Krampus. In a weird twist of fate, the Krampus tries to kill him. I guess that makes sense. Malivore cannot have someone with unconfirmed loyalties running around in his name. The crossbow comes in handy as Alaric shoots the Krampus in the heart seemingly killing it.

We see a kidnapped Santa emerge from the Krampus’ sac.


This was undoubtedly the most exciting part of the episode. We saw Santa kick some Krampus Butt and he did it so effortlessly. With his speed, a mean right hook and a final smack down move, we see santa take down the Krampus.

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Seems like we are getting our favorite headmaster back as well. Honestly the school has been a mess without him and the other way around. I’m really excited to see Alaric take the school in the direction the school was meant to go.

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After watching simu-landon profess his love for Hope last week, it was nice to see the real Landon tell Hope in person. Although we see Josie gets her heart broken (Poor Josie), it is nice to that the love between the tri-breed and the phoenix is something we can watch bloom.

I do hope we can have more platonic friendships on Legacies tho. Hope and Raf, Lizzy and M.G, Lizzie and Landon, Hope and Josie and a host of others.


Yes yes yes. I am very excited to see that the necromancer is back. He is the person under the red hood and the new Malivore opponent. We see him in the final seconds of the show as he cuts off the head of Clark and throws it in the pit. I honestly cannot wait to see the havoc the necromancer intends to bring to the show or at least a show down between him and Malivore.


Legacies returns Thursday January 16th 2020.