Bull (S04E10) “Imminent Danger”

It”s  the mid season finale and Holiday/Winter  break.

Bull and Benny head to Rikers.   Erin Flemming ( Ahna O’Reillly) is the case. 

Erin has shot Garrett Kurtz, (Brian McCarthy) 6 times! She claims self defense and  “Imminent Danger”  He stalked  her!  But is it premeditated?  How did he get in,  without evidence of forced entry?  Benny is cautious,  Bull goes in! 

Garret also steals Erin dog, Zeke, so…

Back at TAC, other than business; Taylor goes to the library and 1st date with George (Manu Narayan)  It appears to be love! But he doesn’t call thereafter. She panics.

Back in court, Bull has a bigger problem. A nemesis and “His Honor”, Humphrey (Reed Birney) is the judge!  Humphrey  hates him!  Something about being bested on a school  project, “back in the day” 

Humphrey has Bull escorted from the courtroom, during Voir Dire and fines him $5k for contempt!  It looks like he’s  holding a grudge. Ya’think?!

On the upside,  Marissa has to  sit for Bull, though reluctantly.  She’s petrified It’s like “moving from the left side of the bed to the right”  Awake and sleepless!

Yet Marissa is  exxxcited in her  fright!   She watches the courtroom drama in awe… and not the jury!  Watching the mock jurors, Bull is crazy!  Empathetic moments?

This was a show before the holiday break and a nice close.  There is always the tease and real possibility that TAC won’t he able to pull out the win.  Yet, they do and usually with a nice twist.  This is one. 

This semi finale has just enough, suspense and “how done it?-
romance  and (probably) “based on a true story” and  …it could  happen to you, to bring me back for part 2 of the season.  after the New Year. 

Plus I want to know what’s happening with Marissa’s divorce! Did I miss something? 

Oh.  And George had the wrong number…or it appeared to be. Taylor’s,  “5’s look like 3’s”  her 3’s look like 8’s”… and well you know.  All is well; they’ll go to the library, now.  Sweet!

Watching the relationship of George and Taylor, unfold  had that sweet touch of cupid. I like a little love story.  Plus she’s graduated into her own.  She’s no longer “not Cable”.  And that works for me.

Screenshot 2019 12 20 07 11 50 2 300x207 - Bull (S04E10) "Imminent Danger"

Whatever the celebration. “Happy Holidays!”