Van Helsing(S04E13) “The Beholder”

Ladies and gentleman we finally got what we have been waiting for all season long! The season finale of this season and things went crazy just like I knew it would and a personal theory of mine literally just came true and I was shocked but also surprised how well I called it for my theory but I’ll get to that in a bit first off let’s get to this review!

Alright people I’ve told you guys and gals before that when it gets to the episode before the season finale and when it gets to the season finale it will get crazy like bat shit crazy. And I think we all can agree that shit hit the fan and went back down and then went back up to hit the fan again! We did get what Jonathan Walker promised us though the return of the big bad villainous Dracula (Tricia Helfer) and I think every fan is definitely satisfied tonight seeing our vampire villain with the air time she deserves.

Yes we did not get Vanessa (Kelly Overton) back in this episode but have no fear helsingers we do have one more season and I’m thinking she’s gonna return by the next season to help her and Jack (Nicole Munoz) out of the dark realm. After all we were treated with Vanessa gracing her presence as a telepathic voice to Jack and Violet (Keeya King) even if people are hesitant about it really being Vanessa; I personally think it is who was doing the telepathic voice.

The entire time through the episode though, I kept saying to myself especially when Violet kept saying she has to save Jack; my mind kept saying that the Jack that came through the portal isn’t Jack and sure enough they did reveal that it was Dracula who took Jack’s place in the return trip of the portal. And with President Archer (Jill Teed) on the base everything came out like a gourmet buffet for Dracula.

Now that Dracula can facade herself as  President Archer, she has everything that she needs to now make Violet and Ivory (Jennifer Cheon Garcia) public enemy number one for the rest of civilization while there is still civilization left. Now I had said to myself after posting the last review a possibility of what might happen if Dracula does get released from her prison and it looks like it might happen. Now that Dracula is going to the east coast to spread her vampire apocalypse to the east. It looks like that things will go either as Dracula turning some people of high authority into vampires where they infect others to spread the vampirism to the east and rule over the entire world after killing all Van Helsing’s or The Van Helsing daughters and mother will vanquish Dracula after spreading  the vampire apocalypse to the entire east. Whatever way the writers choose Season 5 is going to be one hell of a crazy ride.

Now we did lose Colonial Nicholson (Aaron Douglas) after him, Julius (Aleks Paunovic), and Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) in a biohazard testing area the poor colonial lead himself to a grim death while being bit by the infected vampire of the biohazard radiation and shot himself in the head. But I have to admit we did get some really nice cinematography on those gun firing scenes to the radiated vampire. After Axel and Julius got scratched by the vamp they weren’t healing and the scratch marks were killing them fast. But it’s hard to say if we really will lose Julius or if he will survive, and to have both Julius and Axel die while on top of each other would be a sad death because I feel like we can’t lose both of them at the same time. But the question remains who is in the safe facility who moved the camera? Is it Doc (Rukiya Bernard)? Is it Jolene (Caroline Cave)? Or will it be a new character we haven’t met yet? I know a lot of people are hoping that it will be Doc, and I am one of those people, but there’s always the possibility that it could be a new character but since season five is going to be the final season there’s a possibility that it will be Doc.

Well my readers we have one season to go, and it will be airing in the fall of 2020! And may you all have a great Christmas and New Year!

See you all in the Fall 2020