Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Alright ladies and gentleman we have a great review for all of you today and holy smokes is it a good one for the finale of what has come to be known as The Skywalker Saga. But first I do need to say this, this is completely a non-spoiler review of the film. So let’s get to this review!

Alright so ever since we heard that Disney was continuing on the Star Wars movies everyone thought we were going to be seeing a lightsaber wielding mouse graffitied all over each film but that was not the case and thank god for that. Instead we got a continuing story with new characters to fall in love with and fall in love with them we did well maybe not all of them but we sure did with most.

Now the Skywalker saga has been more than just movies, we’ve had three now four television series’s, nine entry movies, and two standalone movies. So okay it is mostly movies but those television shows did have a major part to play in the creation of the longer run of the movies, even filling in some of those plots that the movies never could. One of those series that helped fill in some of the time missing from episode two to episode three of the prequel movies was Clone Wars which has been revived for a official seventh season and maybe more on Disney plus streaming service. Another series that helped fans see some of the other fights that happened before Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) ever became a Jedi was Star Wars Rebels which keyed into introducing some things that were revealed to us in this final entry movie.

All of these things helped bring us to this point. To the point of having a finale with tons of action, tons of space battles, tons of lightsaber duels, and story to help connect us the viewers somehow and some way to the characters. Yes we had many characters return for the finale which made it even more personal and emotional to die-hard Star Wars fans.

But like all fans of the original trilogy who were divided after the prequels were released for one reason or another the same thing happened with this new trilogy and some blame the change of directors with episodes eight and nine and others blame other idiotic reasons but here’s the thing with me, I as a loyal Star Wars fan have loved each and every entry of the Skywalker saga movies and television. Everything is told as a story that the ones involved with that story intended for it to be told. Does it mean you have to love it no but everyone involved with the project intends to do their best job by trying to satisfy the viewers one way or another.

This film has brought me a sense of satisfaction knowing it ended the way George Lucas intended, did it end fully the way he intended, no but no one can expect it to. These films were always meant to be a new chapter in the Skywalker family and that’s the way I looked at it too.

These newer movies were always Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) story and this movie finished her story and revealed her family heritage in a trilogy film set. Along with her on her journey we had Finn (John Boyega), Poe (Oscar Isaac) and BB-8. In my opinion all four characters had their own part to play in each of the new entries. And even along the way we were introduced to different ranks and classes of Storm troopers like in this film we had red storm troopers known as Sith Troopers, we were even introduced to the flight troopers which were storm troopers who wore jet packs. All of these things and more were given to us to help us understand more of the Star Wars Universe.

Now one treat I thought was amazingly done well was giving us the voice actors from both Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels a role to play in this film, I’m not going to spoil anything because it is a non-spoiler review. But when I heard the certain voices I was clapping in joy.

Now for those that had an issue with Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmad) returning for the final film that is explained in the film maybe not fully for most to not be able to understand which is why there are so many hateful reviews but I actually understood what they were trying to. And it was a way that made total sense and to have him return at the very point that it would defy who Rey would be in the future made it even more worth it.

Along with all the other surprises that this film brought, it also brought us a new force power that is apparently hard to master but somewhere down the line became forbidden for Jedi to learn is Force healing. It sounds a lot like what Palpatine in the prequel movies was willing to teach Anakin (Hayden Christensen) but never did.

Overall this film was a fantastic installment in the long running franchise and even though the skywalker saga is over doesn’t mean that they can’t think up other ideas for the Star Wars Universe. There could still be many more characters that could be created long after this film we will have to wait and see.

The film itself deserves in my book a 10/10 with great visuals effects, fantastic story telling, and the story telling wouldn’t have been possible without John Williams who has been creating the scores to the movies ever since the beginning. He’s done a phenomenal job and I’m glad he could bring his magic to the films.

Everyone should go see this film, it’s phenomenal!