Dare Me premieres

Beth Cassidy, the almost brutally driven “top girl” of her high school cheerleading squad and her right-hand woman, Addy, enjoy a certain kind of status among their peers, and wield a frequently abusive amount of power over the younger women on the squad, all of whom are eager to please and terrified of consequences should they fail.

Beth and Addy start of senior year. Expectations are high, as both young women hope to use cheerleading as a means by which they can escape the confines of their suburban existence, and in the case of Beth, the unstable home life brought about by her father’s infidelity and her mother’s prescription drug use. But senior year becomes rife with conflict following the arrival of a new cheerleading coach, Colette French.

Colette immediately destabilizes the social clique, knocking Beth from her perch as “top girl,” and ensnaring Addy and the rest of the squad with the promise of her new regime, all while cultivating an air of suspicion around her.

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