The Trial Of Christine Keeler premieres

The 60s-set serial recounts the events of the notorious Profumo Affair, which brought down a prime minister and later a government, and scandalised Britain at the time.

The Profumo Affair occurred in 1960s Britain at the height of the Cold War. It centred around Christine Keeler, who was a model and topless showgirl at a cabaret club in Soho when she met society osteopath Stephen Ward.

Ward took her under his wing, moving her into his flat in Wimpole Mews in London where she met many powerful and high-profile people. Among those she met was John Profumo – who at the time was the Secretary of State for war.

Although he was married at the time to actress Valerie Hobson, he and Keeler had an affair – while she had a brief fling with Soviet naval atache Captain Yevgeny Ivanov.

New on BBC One.