The Gloaming premieres


Set in Tasmania, the plot is ostensibly a detective story, a murder investigation led by two unorthodox cops, Alex and Molly. But the engine of the show isn’t a mystery box, rather it’s Alex and Molly’s past traumas.

Molly McGee is a detective with the Hobart Police who is brilliant at her job thanks to her dogged determination to bring wrongdoers to justice, but whose personal beliefs can often cloud her judgment, leading her to veer a little outside the company lines.

Molly has a particular vendetta she can’t let go, driven to catch out powerful local businessman Gareth McAvaney, whom she believes got away with murder. It’s this combined with her career focus that has driven a wedge between her and her 14-year-old daughter, Lily

Molly’s personal and professional lives collide when she is assigned to investigate the gruesome murder of a woman named Dorothy Moxley and Molly discovers a link to a crime central to her own past.

Dorothy’s murder triggers the arrival of Melbourne-based detective Alex O’Connell who is summoned back to his hometown of Hobart after avoiding the city for decades.

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