All Rise (S01E08-09) “Maricela and the Desert”/”How to Succeed in Law Without Really Re-Trying”

A case of a daughter testifying against her father to a blast from the past case gets reopened. Here’s a recap of Episodes eight and nine of All Rise.


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“Maricela and the Desert”

“Maricela and the Desert” was a very good episode from start to finish. It had a very nice balance of seriousiness drama with enough humor to carry this episode well. Judge Carmichael takes a case of a murder that a child testifies that the suspect is her father. But as everything leads to her father being the suspect; Emily Lopez gets the detective on the case to look back and arrested the suspect and learned the truth about what had happened to the child’s mother.

Meanwhile, what happens in Vegas might as well come back to the court room. When Mark and Luke, who’s chaperone for the day, takes on a case that involves an injuried college student trying to get into a college fraternity; their own witness ends up in Vegas arrested. Mark and Luke head to Vegas to get their witness out but if they want him out they must play the Vegas way with the judge that ended up with a win and another as they won their case.

As I said eariler that I very much enjoyed this episode from start to finish and the performance from the cast was so good. While Missick and Camacho give another strong performance, It was Bethel and Brinson that really was enjoyable to watch that had a buddy-buddy chemistry between one another. If Luke does become a laywer, I hope he works with Mark as I think it would be a real cool duo. Overal, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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“How to Succeed in Law Without Really Re-Trying”

When a blast from the past case has been re-opened for appel it turns out to be one of Lola’s biggest cases and to make things worst her old nemesis is back.  As Mark takes the case the edvidences doesn’t quite hold up like it did years ago, but after many times talking to one of the witness to testify; Mark and even Lola gets the win.

Emily deals with a client that tries to fool the system but while that wasn’t the main story for Emily; she comes to terms to sign the divorce papers and even ask Sara if she could be her roommate, which she accpeted.

This episode was good but at times the build up was a bit overdone with Lola and Felice, her nemesis, about the re-trial case. But watching Mark and Lola back to back going over what worked and what’s not going to work was very good. Throughout this season, I’ve very much enjoy watching these two playoff one another as they really show the meaning of friendship. Emily’s story was awkward and yet enjoyable as she comes to terms on moving forward with her life. The writing was good with character development between Mark, Lola and Emily. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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