All Rise (S01E10-11) “Dripsy”/”The Joy of Oz” Fall Finale

Missed the fall finale of All Rise? Here’s a recap!!

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Making a decision is the hardest thing to do even if you’re a lawyer or judge.

After being re-assigned to another courtroom due to leakage; Judge Carmichael comes to making some harsh and tough decisions when it comes to two cases. One was given a warning to a defendant that was stealing cars but pleaded for a warning that he’ll change due to family. But that didn’t last too long as he did the same thing and was watched live on the news.

The other is trying to help a defendant, who’s lawyer was making some horrible calls. When Emily, who has a history with the client, gets involved; she not only fights but proves to the facts that she didn’t do it. Also, her first date with Luke started off great yet ended with different opinions on the same case; but in the end, all is good.

And if that wasn’t enough for Carmichael, a storm is coming for her when the DA has filed a lawsuit to dismiss her as a judge.

Meanwhile, while trying on a case about a robber who says he was sleepwalking, Mark doesn’t believe him but looks into it. He learns that he was actually telling the truth and figured out that the victim falsified her claim. But during this case, after seeing his father for a visit; he sees him get arrested and couldn’t find him for a few days. Mark learns that his father is charged for a murder that he didn’t do but was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Dripsy” was a very enjoyable episode and at times interesting. Watching Carmichael dealing with two cases that I thought would be a double win turns out to only be one out of the two. Also, lesson learn on this one: always trust your mother. A showdown between Carmichael and DA lawyers should be interesting. Mark’s story was very good and watching this character dealing with two different situations. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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“The Joy of Oz:

Twas the last day before Christmas break and all through the courthouse; as a judge faces trial on her actions. While facing the other judges, Judge Carmichael fights for her life to convince that she stands firm and hard on the law. After a couple of rounds, the verdict comes in as Carmichael not guilty.

Meanwhile, Mark gets Amy to represent his father in this murder case. But while that was going on, he had a chance to finally take down a familiar face that led him to want to be part of his father’s legal team.

Also, since it’s Christmas Judge Brenner gets the DA’s and others to perform The Wizard of Oz on trial. While Emily and Thomas butted heads with each other during this special performance, after Carmichael was trial was over she appears and saved Dorthy.

“The Joy of Oz” was a very good fall finale episode. While it had a Christmas theme going, Carmciahel’s trial, Mark’s storyline and even learning about Sara’s past was amazingly well done. Even when Paul McCrane’s character talked to Carmichael near the end of the episode gave me chills and even a tear. But it was when Carmichael gave Sherri a gift was cry time at the way. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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