Supernatural (S15E07) “Last Call”

Hey all! It’s been a minute. Apologizes. Working the holidays can be hectic but I’m back & ready to review! So here we go~

(Disclaimer: I wasn’t spoiled of ANYTHING before watching the episode, thank gosh!)

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“Hand it over sweetheart?”

My gun.”

This is Texas, you can keep your gun.”

(Lorna talking to Dean in the bar.)

My thoughts from watching the Promo:

Back on the road, I see Dean; From what I got, Dean’s going on a solo hunt without Sammy & comes across an old friend. Which might be a good thing or a bad thing.

Maybe we’ll get an old enemy to pop up again. Maybe. Yet still exciting.


Who’s in this episode:

Dean, Sam, Eileen, Cas, Lorna, Sergei, Lee Webb, flashback showing Chuck, flashback showing the Darkness, Marid (creature), & mention Anna (relative of Sergei) 


Things I liked from this episode:

    • Sam being hungover happy with Eileen & cooking.
    • Cas coming back! Finally! Missed him, yet again!
    • Dean actually getting a little bit of freedom from work, telling stories, drinking, & singing on stage.
    • Cas not playing games with Sergei & having a backup plan just in case if he betrayed him.
    • Eileen ready to kick Sergei’s ass for Sam; the Key to Death’s library was mentioned. I hope that gets brought back up again.
    • Actual good news this time! There is a way to BEAT GOD! Legit this time!



Why do you care so much Dean?”

Because someone has to!”

(Dean to Lee after stabbing him.)

What I didn’t like from this episode:

  • Lee betraying Dean all for a break from the craziness of a hunter’s life. And wanting that break so badly, to risk anyone’s life to whatever creature can make his dreams come true.


Favorite moments from this episode:

  • Cas no longer giving a damn & getting his way with Sergei. Cas is done being the nice guy, he’s low key has bad cop on now!
  • Dean’s fight with Lee. Guns blaze first, then when your out, use your fists.



Next Episode: “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven”

Airs: 12th Dec. 2019.

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