Supernatural (S15E08) “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven”

I just love playing catch up & this episode has made my night.

(Disclaimer: I haven’t been spoiled of ANYTHING before watching this episode today.)

Ruth Connell in Supernatural Season 15 Episode 8 - Supernatural (S15E08) “Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven”

“And guys, when I go crazy again. Just shoot me.”

(Donatello to the boys in the bunker.)

This is what I got from watching the promo:

Adam is back.

There other brother who’s been stuck in a pit. Is back & is needed for the plan ahead? I can tell this isn’t going to be a good family reunion at all…


Who’s in this episode:

Dean, Sam, Cas, Eileen, Donatello, Rowena, Sue Barrish, Michael/Adam, Lilith, & Chuck.


Loved from this episode:

    • Eileen is a total badass! I swear I love this chick! Can she be my spirit animal?!
    • Adam enjoying a meal after 10 years of being trapped; Talking to Micheal about what he wants to do next. Since he’s free from hell.
    • Rowena. Alive. In red. And a QUEEN! She’s slaying that dress & the throne!
    • Micheal helping them since he now knows the truth. But casting the spell isn’t going to be easy, especially with the ingredients. Well, just one.


Amazon doesn’t deliver here…yet.”

(Rowena talking to the boys on her throne.)

What I didn’t like from this episode:

    • Chuck keeping one human alive just for drinks; using Donatello like a phone.
    • Micheal being stubborn & not listening.
    • They have to go back to purgatory…


Favorite moments from this episode:

    • Adam & Micheal’s little talks.
    • Cas. You literally see a lot of character development from him.


Next Episode: “The Trap”

Airs: 16th Jan. 2020.

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