Bull (S04E11) “Look Back in Anger”

We return from holiday break and Marissa attempts to help an old friend with his past.   In “Look Back in Anger”  a notable philanthropic businessman is an alleged child abuser.   

Stephen Raposa (Aaron Dean Eisenberg) is knocking, looking for his little brother,  Ryan (Richard Gallagher)  He uses his spare key and  finds Ryan in the  bathtub. A Suicide; an OD with his wrist slashed.

Later, Stephen meets with Bull, after chatting with his old friend, Marissa.  A pilar of society, Peter Maybrook (Kevin Kilner) allegedly  abused Ryan at the  age of13.  This  caused his  destructive behavior and addictions, Stephen believed.   

Now Stephen wants to sue.  But it’s been decades!  The newly passed, “child’s victim act gives the opportunity to “look back” for justice and heal.  It sounds like the way.  There are no statue of limitations.   

But because Ry is dead,  TAC cannot sue on his behalf.    So Stephen sues for himself! He too was a victim of Maybrook at age 14, during  his last summer at camp.  He was Cabin Captain and got personal time with Maybrook!

Stephen says he was made to feel  safe.   The touching was gradual.  He  even drank brandy with Maybrook! There were subtle touches. Then Maybrook encouraged a shower, beginning the sexual contact and molestations.   He felt helpless.

But memory,  when recalled in trauma and repression, especially with children, is often fuzzy and questioned.  Whats real, the truth, fantasy?   

There are plenty of “Rut Roh, Oh.Oh!”  moments that can make us question, the truth.   And It’s right here (weekly)  the faithful followers of TAC magic, begin to wonder, guess,  bet. …the next move and the rabbits the team will pull out of the hat! 

Need less to say, they did it.  The very unlikely witness providing the much needed proof was Ryan, from the grave!

Stories of abuse are never easy to write, view or fully  appreciate. This has been one of them.   Yet Ryan’s “testimony” the success of the lawsuit and Maybrook’s comeuppance, is a very good start!