Chicago Fire (S08E09) “Best Friend Magic” Fall Finale


The fall finale of Chicago Fire was one to remember for all the right reasons and more. Here’s a recap!


NUP 189120 0170 730x487 - Chicago Fire (S08E09) "Best Friend Magic" Fall Finale

While cleaning up the firehouse, Cruz finds an old drone that belongs to Otis and is determined to fly it once more. But as Cruz tries to fix it; he tells Ritter that the reason why he’s doing this is that he was the one that hid the drone. After repairing the new part; something was still wrong and when he checked it on the computer to find a video of him and Otis about to fly the drone with “Best Friend Magic.”

The story that we’ve been waiting for since the rumors and news broke was the return of Dawsey. Let me just say this that this episode wasn’t a disappointment. Dawson returns to Chicago for a fundraiser but stops at Firehouse 51 to see Otis’ memorial. After Casey and Truck 81’s skyscraper rescue, Casey and Dawson had a moment to talk but he gets invited to a charity event that she’s attending to get donors.

After thinking it over and asking advice from Brett, Casey went and had a ball with dancing and learning that Dawson wanted to come to Chicago. As both Casey and Dawson danced away; the two went back to her hotel and had a one-nighter. Just before she left Dawson leaves a message for Casey offering to come to help her out. This doesn’t look like it’s the end for Dawsey.

Kidd tries to show off that she can handle the workload of driving Truck 81 and being at the academy. But it does have a toll and it shows when Brett and Foster order her to go home to rest and as she drives off hits a van with a mother and daughter inside. After learning that the mother and child are okay; Bowden sees the effects this both jobs have on Kidd and tells her that he’s going to help change that for her and the rest of the future trainers.

Severide opens up another arson case that proves a guilty man innocent that involves a company to burn down their property for the insurance.  After getting Casey’s input on it; Severide and the team get the help of the SWAT and CPD detective to raid the suspect’s whereabouts at an abandoned warehouse where Severide, later on, finds the suspect in the basement. And we leave the episode with the suspect holding a firestick and Severide one on one in a dangerous basement.

“Best Friend Magic” delivered more than what I had expected. This episode was so well written; with character growths that packed with so much suspense and emotions. The Dawson and Casey might have been the highlight of the episode, but I give Cruz’s story the winner of the episode. It was so powerful played and well written mainly the end when Cruz sees that video of him and Otis. While the Casey-Dawson gave me chills and emotions; that moment when they danced took me to breathe away in more ways than one. I think that this won’t be the last time we see Dawson. And the Kidd storyline was good and I think an educated moment as well. And Severide being Severide leaving with an intense cliffhanger OMG!! Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the fall finale? Do you think we’ll see Dawson again? Will Severide survive? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts!

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