Manifest (S02E01) “Fasten Your Seatbelts”

We are back lovelies and Manifest made sure to not spare any expense when it came to the heart stopping action. After a nice little update as to what happened last season, for those that don’t know: Manifest is about a plane that disappeared five years ago, only to reappear, with the inhabitants not aging a day. Now that they are back, they having what they have deemed as Callings that gives them information about the world around them. NYPD Police detective Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and her professor brother Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) both want what’s best for their family as they deal with this otherworldly situation. All the while dealing with a possible timeline of a looming deathdate that seemingly follows the Returned.

Last Season…

One of the big cliffhangers from last season was answered right away as the episode began with Michaela in a dreamlike state that had her back on Flight 828 but there was something different about what was happening. Come to find out, our favorite detective had been shot during last season’s tussle between her (now married) ex-fiancé Jared (J.R. Ramirez) and Zeke (Matt Long), someone who disappeared similarly to Flight 828 and now has a strange connection to Michaela. Have to say that it wasn’t a surprise that Michaela made it through the surgery and was more concerned that her vision was another Calling and before Ben could talk her down about it, Ben’s son Cal (Jack Messina) (who seems the most affected by the Callings) admits that he too saw the same vision that she did. Michaela asks Cal what he was going to say to her in the vision, to which he responded: “Save the passengers.”

Save The Passsengers

Episode picks up two months later, with Ben trying his best to get close to passenger after passenger so that he can fulfill his role in saving his fellow passengers by passing on the information about the Callings. Later he and Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) discuss what has been going on from the issues with the deathdate and how to handle what has been going on. Ben’s wife, Grace (Athena Karkanis) stops by with happier news of an ultrasound of her and (possibly Ben’s) unborn child. They decide that when the time comes, they will let Grace’s ex-boyfriend Danny (guest star, Daniel Sunjata) know about the baby but for now this was about putting their family back together. Back at the Stone residence, they do let the family know about the baby, including Michaela who has just gotten out of the hospital.

Major Therapy

Saanvi who has been struggling since the plane came back with anxiety and panic attacks has been seeing a therapist. What she doesn’t know (but the audience does) is that the person that has been masquerading as someone trying to help her is none other than the “big bad” that they have been looking for, The Major (Elizabeth Marvel). She asks Saanvi to elaborate about her relationship with Ben, but she states that she is unable to see his as anything other than a friend. Are we actually going to be getting the Benvi (Saaben?) relationship that was slightly teased last season?


Michaela and Ben talk about where Zeke might be, when she gets a postcard from Canada from him. Michaela is concerned that Zeke needs to be with them, that he is one of the people that need to be saved. While Ben is concerned with those that were on the plane with them, two of which Michaela finds out from a Calling at the precinct are missing. We find out that not only is Michaela’s new boss (guest star, Andrene Ward-Hammond) is a bit of a hardass, she is also pretty much by the book and not interested in working things that are outside the NYPD’s purview. Jared stops Michaela at the precinct and also are informed that she has been avoiding him since the shooting because of the way that Jared handled what happened to Zeke. Michaela goes to Ben about the two passengers, Anson and Trina Vasik (guest stars: Bryan Fenkart & Samantha Steinmetz) that she was focused on and Ben remembers that he spoke to the husband about their kids on the plane. They deduce that there must be something wrong, because he vowed never to leave their kids again. While visiting the neighbor who took in the Vasik’s children, Ben notices a plain white van that he remembered seeing before. They assume that it is part of the Major’s plan, but don’t get to talk to the inhabitants. 

Cal goes to Zeke’s mother’s house and gets her to let him in after showing her a drawing that depicts him on her doorstep. The young man, wants to convince Zeke that he is meant to be with them. That Zeke and his aunt are meant to be together. Zeke then seeks out Michaela to let her know that he’s turned himself in for them. While they are together, Michaela gets the final piece of information that they have been looking for to find the Vasik’s.

Lake of Fire

Ben and Michaela find out that the Callings that the Vasik’s have been having, have turned them into more religious people who find despair in what they are seeing and hearing. They begin to fear that what they are seeing has to do with the deaths of their children and begin to set off to stop it from happening. They decide that the only way out is suicide, however the Stone siblings get to them first and explain to them that they aren’t alone with what is happening to them. The Vasik’s Calling comes full circle when they all discover a family who’s been trapped in their car and who were the actual source of their calling, not their own children.

Saanvi once again sees the Major who as her therapist tells her that she can’t help her if she is not willing to be helped. She manipulates her into talking about what she wants to know about…the plane. I know what curiosity did to the cat, but I would really like to know what the Major’s angle is here. Is there more to her plan other than to torture the Returned?

Blast From The Past

Ben once again sees another van, and instead of just taking a photo of it, he confronts it. However, they are not your friendly neighborhood box van drivers and he gets a black hood put over his head and tossed into the back of the van. At first we are led to think that this is going to be the nefarious Major’s lair, but instead we are greeted with a familiar face in (now former) NSA Director Vance (guest Daryl Edwards) who we last saw getting supposedly blown to bits in a Calling gone wrong. Obviously the Returned are not the only ones back from the dead.

So that is the beginning of our new season! What did you guys think?

Worth the wait? Excited for what is to come? I know that I am, this episode started out a little slow for me, but once it got rolling there was no stopping it.

Ongoing questions

Hardcore Jachaela fans, is all hope lost? Is this ship sunk?

What about Zechaela fans? Is this ship really ready to fully sail?

How about the other burgeoning triangle (quadrangle) with Ben, Grace, Saanvi and Danny?

Is it going to make a difference if this baby that Grace is carrying is Danny’s?

What is Saanvi going to do with these feelings that she has for Ben?

Why is Vance back from the dead?

What is his motives?