The Good Place (S04E09) “Chapter 48: The Answer” Fall Finale

The fall finale of The Good Place asked the question and gives us an answer to that question. Here’s a recap!


NUP 187441 0427 1 1014x570 - The Good Place (S04E09) "Chapter 48: The Answer" Fall Finale

With no time to spare Eleanor get Michael to bring back the original Chidi and to do that Michael will have to put all of Chidi’s memories back in the right order. By doing so we see moments of time he comes home after birth to save his parent’s marriage from divorce with a counterpoint presentation.

Piece by piece we see Chidi’s memories come in order to his girlfriend dumping him to writing a horrible book; even the moment he gets killed by a falling air conditioner. Then we get to where he’s in The Good Place from the moment in season one to the multiple versions from Michael to even when all things started to happen between Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship. And by the time we catch to the moment where he loses his memory, we see him talking to Michael and then asking Janet to hold a note for him if he ever gets back.

As Chidi comes back full memory and all, Eleanor tells him that he needs to help save the universe before the Judge reboots the universe. Chidi says that it’s gonna take a lot of time but then ask Janet for the note and when he reads it it says “there’s no answer” but “Eleanor is the answer.”

“The Answer” was as good as any clip show I have seen in years; probably since Community. It was a brilliant and witty character growth of Chidi since the peeps in the chill episode. While we hoped to learn that Chidi has the answer to the question to save the world; it apparently relies all on Eleanor. How will she be the factor into this is the million-dollar question and with only four episodes to go, I’m nervous and emotionally intense to see how it all ends. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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