The Outsider premieres

Set in a small town in rural Georgia, the show opens with the discovery of the horribly mutilated body of 11-year-old Frankie Peterson. Detective Ralph Anderson begins his investigation and learns that the prime suspect is Terry Maitland, a beloved little league coach and upstanding pillar of the community. Maitland’s fingerprints, DNA, and saliva are all over the crime scene, and he was recorded on several surveillance cameras engaging in bizarre, self-incriminating activity in the hours after the crime was committed.

Outraged by the crime and Terry’s undeniable guilt, Ralph has Terry arrested in the middle of a little league game, in front of the entire town. But Terry insists he is innocent, and moreover that he was out of town at a teacher’s conference the day of the murder.

And when Terry’s lawyer Howie Gold produces a local news video clearly showing Terry at the conference, over 50 miles away at the exact time Frankie was killed, Ralph is forced to reevaluate his entire investigation. How could Terry Maitland possibly be in two places at once?

New on HBO.