Legends of Tomorrow(S05E01) “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Five”

Alright guys and gals we had a great final episode of the crossover brought to us tonight! We had so much happen, I promise I will try to get to all of it but can’t promise! So let’s get to this review!

Alright so we know in the last part all the paragons had to think of their idea of what it means to be of all their titles as their paragons to bring back all humanity and all Earths. But I think we all could see that Lex (Jon Cryer) would make himself out to be the figure whose loved by all. I mean come on how could we not see that coming am I right? When all the heroes wake up in the restored Earth the first thing they notice is they are all on the exact same Earth now.

Yes ladies and gentleman CW finally made your wishes come true, all the heroes who were scattered on different Earths are now on one earth! That means the world of Black Lightning (Cress Williams) is no longer separate from the Arrowverse, it is now apart of the Arrowverse! So that means Black Lightning, Thunder, Lightning, even Grace (Chantal Thuy) are all on the same earth as everyone else and can even be brought over for future crossovers when the time would call for it that is.

In this episode however the battle was not over, The Anti-Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) was still a threat and was even trying to secretly assassinate all the paragons so that he could make his own anti-world. But that didn’t go too well, when all the heroes heard that Oliver (Stephen Amell) did not make it, they made their final stand to defend the earth in Oliver’s memory. Which I have to say is the best thing they could do to make sure Oliver’s hard work in helping restore the multiverse was not in vain.

At least with the Earths heroes all on one earth it will make it many times better when crossovers need to happen and maybe we will even get some comic stories revisited in a better style with all the heroes on one earth now. I would definitely love to see Worlds Finest storyline revisited with maybe Kate/Batwoman (Ruby Rose) and Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) being the center of it. Don’t get me wrong the Supergirl episode they had titled as worlds finest was a good one with Kara and Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) but I would love to see what they can do with it when they put Kate and Kara together. What comic stories would you readers like to see revisited or have them do in the future of the Arrowverse? Leave your answers in the comments!

As for this episode being the final part of the crossover it was a phenomenal ending. I honestly don’t know how they will top this off for the next crossover but I’m sure they will. And the tribute they did to Oliver and placing his Green Arrow hood, bow, quiver and arrows on a display in that hangar is the best tribute they could ever do for the Green Arrow that will always be the best ever!

But we also got to see a bit of a revival too, we now have Diggle (David Ramsey) with two kids, Sara Diggle which is John and Lyla’s (Audrey Marie Anderson) oldest and John Diggle Junior who looked to be about two years old. Now that the present has been changed, does this mean that JJ’s future has been too? I guess we will find out soon!

We also had a look to some of the other Earths that were recreated, Swamp Thing has his own earth, Green Lantern Corp has their own earth with Oa above watching and protecting, we saw Titans with their own earth, Doom Patrol on their own earth, Earth-96 being with Routh’s Superman from Superman Returns, Earth-2 being made for Stargirl so her series can kick off soon, and I’m sure Birds of Prey television series has their own earth too we just didn’t get to see it.

Well my readers it’s been fun giving you insight to this amazing crossover and if I didn’t cover anything that you wish to know about just leave me a question in the comments and I’ll get to you!

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow(S05E02) “Meet the Legends” airs January 21, 2020 at 9/8c on The CW