The Good Place (S04E10) “Chapter 49: You’ve Changed, Man”

With only minutes to spare, who will Eleanor and team come up with a way to stop the judge from erasing EVERYTHING? Here’s a recap!

the good place season 4 11 - The Good Place (S04E10) "Chapter 49: You've Changed, Man"

As soon as Chidi got all of his memories back, showing confidence; he tells Eleanor, Micheal, Tahani and Jason that the best way to stop the judge was to negotiate an idea of a system that would work middle ground to the good and bad place. But just as they tell the board of their idea and agreeing before hearing it, they talk to Shawn and things don’t go so well.

Meanwhile, as the Judge looks for her remote to erase the Earth; Janet tries to talk her out of it while they go in Bad Janet and even Disco Janet as well. With no luck of finding it and given a no to Eleanor and Michael’s idea; the Judge goes into Janet to find the remote. While there, Janet pulls off a prank but surprises her with a special guest, Timothy Olyphant.

As Shawn was brought in; Eleanor and the team talk about their plan for a system that will work with both groups; but Shawn turns down the idea and goes his merry way of peeing in the water fountain. Michael pulls off one last move to make Shawn agree and just as the Judge finds the remote all of the parties were in agreement but the question relies on how will this work. Chidi?

“You’ve Changed, Man” was such a good episode. While there were a lot of hilarious moments like Chidi doing things that he’s never done like having confidence and not worried at all. And he’s got me thinking of eating some warm pretzels. Yummy, yum yum, right?  The Olyphant appearance was fantastic and even though he was in for a few minutes or a scene, it was probably the top three moments of the episode. While Jackson and D’Arcy gave strong performances, Maya Rudolph was amazing as the judge in this episode.

As much as I would love to give my theories to how this will end; I don’t have any as I just rather watch and follow the characters with each moment occurring. But I think that this ending will be an emotional one, to say the least. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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