Avenue 5 premieres

The problem facing the crew and passengers of Avenue 5 — a massive space-cruise-ship in the not too distant future on its maiden 8-week cruise around Saturn — has to do with its trajectory.

Said trajectory … is off. Way, way off, due to an accident. A solution is not forthcoming, given the crew’s practiced facility at surrendering responsibility and shifting blame.

Captain Ryan Clark, a professional pilot who is supposed to bring the 5,000 passengers on board the luxury spaceship Avenue 5 to safety, is a charming, personable leader with the kind of charisma you know from flight attendants in the southwest.

Clark and his crew, including second engineer Billie McEvoy, customer relationship manager Matt Spencer and earthbound mission control manager Rav Mulcair will be planning an eight-week trip around the galaxy for their high paying passengers. But if a system crash breaks Avenue 5 off course, that trip extends to a whopping three years, and hell breaks loose.

New on HBO.