Legacies (S02E09) “I Couldn’t Have Done This Without You”

Legacies. - Legacies (S02E09) "I Couldn't Have Done This Without You"

Hi guys, who else is excited that Legacies is back? I know I am! For a refresher into the last episode, please click here

Please be aware that this review contains spoilers from this episode.

Lets get to it, shall we?


We see by way of introduction to this episode how Malivore supposedly sold out The necromancer and made him a human. When asked who he was, in his usual fashion he goes “I’M THEE…Ted, I’m Ted”.

Throughout the episode we are taken on a journey of him getting back to being the necromancer. He takes a job working in an ice-cream parlor using the name Ted.

Ted goes on to spin tales about his great accomplishment as master of life and death to anyone who cares to listen. He even acquires a new acolyte in the person of Chad. We eventually see him kill Chad, and then resurrect him in order to test his powers.


Throughout last season and this season of Legacies, we’ve always heard references to Caroline. If it isn’t the girls speaking to her, it’s them going on holiday with her. I really hope we get to see Caroline in person on the show one of these episodes. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m personally getting tired of hearing about her in abstract.


Okay so we’ve heard Lizzy make certain references indication that she is some sort of a geek. To be honest, when I saw her with that copy of ‘Crisis’, my heart leapt for joy. That Joy didn’t last long however when it was revealed that the only reason she is interested in the comics was to as MG put it ‘run out her horny clock’. It is nice to see her establish her friendship with MG who seems a lot cooler with the status of their friendship.

Legacies season 2 episode 9 still 4 - Legacies (S02E09) "I Couldn't Have Done This Without You"


We saw what could be a potential bonding experience between the vampire and the phoenix, turn into a series of unfortunate events that left Landon questioning his usefulness. Sebastian spent the entire episode pointing out that the only power Landon had was the ability to not die (pretty cool if you ask me). However, with witches, werewolves and vampires running around, it is easily understandable that Landon would feel a little bit insecure.

I do think there’s more to our favorite undying though and I am patiently waiting for the big reveal. We know legacies loves its big reveals.


We also see Josie gets visions when she starts messing around with the Mora Miserium. Although we do not know what those visions mean yet, they did give us some kind of chill down our spines.

One good thing however is that we see Hope and Josie work together to put in a protective spell, the equivalent of a duck tape on the hourglass.

One of the final scenes shows the glass start to crack indicating impending doom.


Ah yes! We see Hope, Landon and Josie each work on their relationship. Hope helps Josie, Josie helps Landon and Landon relies on Hope. I’m really looking forward to the relationship dynamic between these three especially between Hope and Josie. They do make s pretty good team. And we need more three way hugs on the show to be honest.


After Sebastian seemingly receives a pass mark from Landon, he goes out on a hunt. Turns out Alaric was right to trust his instinct. He shoots him with his famous crossbow and although we don not yet know the fate Sebastian, its nice to see that Alaric still has it.


So a few questions from this episode; Did Alaric kill Sebastian? What is the necromancer’s end goal? Will Chad be the necromancer’s undoing? What happens when the hourglass breaks? Are we going to see MG and Kym strike  a relationship now that she is Dorian’s intern? And finally, WHERE IS KALEB?

Legacies returns next Thursday on The CW.