Animal Among Us (2019 Film) Review

If you think that “Animal Among Us” was a film that you know all too well without seeing it, guess again. This film keeps you guessing until its shocking ending.

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When a campground is reopening celebration fifteen years after two girls were murdered and lead to a best-selling novel; Anita and Penelope Bishop (played by Larisa Oleynik and Christine Donlon) deals with issues of an animal like creature on the campsite, after two people had been attacked and killed. But when the author. who wrote the novel on the previous murders, comes for the celebration on the request of the Bishop’s mother; the plot twists and turns about man and creature.

“Animal Among Us” is a horror film that might have all the same plot devices from previous classic horror films like Friday the 13th. There is some originality in this film that I enjoy; while for a 90-minute movie that has some slow parts, it builds to an ending that I never saw coming. Larisa Oleynik, who won Best Actress in a Feature at Northen Horror Fest 2019; gives a stunning performance unlike we’ve seen her do from her previous roles. Even Don Frye and Erin Daniels were really good and stood out in the film as well.

I give the film an 8/10.

You can catch “Animal Among Us” available now on DVD and digital.