The Good Place (S04E11) “Chapter 50: “Mondays, Am I Right?”

Can Michael get the employees of the bad place to use his method in the new plan? Is Chidi good for Eleanor? Here’s a recap!!

the good place season 4 episode 11 mondays am i right - The Good Place (S04E11) "Chapter 50: "Mondays, Am I Right?"

As Michael and gang meet up with the employees of The Bad Place; Michael tries to get them to come together and follow his method for his new plan. But when some neither not liking it or not getting it; it takes Vicki to get the concept through their heads with some well understanding. Even though Michael was upset about Vicki teaching them quicker than him, he learns a lesson that follows his pushing the rock up a hill.

Meanwhile, Eleanor, Chidi, and Jason must find a thousand people that will fit well with the formula so the plan can work from Mr. Rogers and Susan B. Anthony. But when Eleanor sees her file she jumps to Chidi to not read it; but when she tells him to read it Chidi doesn’t think he’s good for her. Thinking more about it, Jason helps Chidi while Chidi though he was helping Jason and got his confidence back about loving Eleanor.

As the plan seems to be working, the jingle that someone’s going to the good place comes and it’s Eleanor and the gang that’s going. Michael brings the air balloon for them and goes along with Janet and as they ride off waving bye to the people of the medium place Jason yells out Folies.

“Mondays, Am I Right?” was such a good and hilarious episode. This was such a great Michael episode as he has to deal with Vicki helping him explain how the new method to the point system works. Hell, I just loved that scene when Tahani was in the VR room and gets attacked by chainsaw bear. That’s gotta be a t-shirt. Why do I feel that this is only the calm before the storm as we get to the series finale? We get a Wizard of Oz type of ending in this episode. Anyone think that we’re gonna get Eleanor waking up and sees Chidi somewhere and goes after him?

Anyway, overall I give this episode a 9/10.

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