This Is Us (S04E10) “Lights and Shadows” Winter Premiere

This Is Us returns with a winter premiere that was full of powerful emotions. Here’s a recap!


Randall Rebecca Miguel - This Is Us (S04E10) "Lights and Shadows" Winter Premiere

After the fall finale, we see our characters going through the stuff that we were expected to see. Randall trying to get an appointment for Rebecca during the holidays; Kate confronts Toby about his text messaging with another woman and Kevin trying the online dating world.

Coming in the new year, Rebecca gets an appointment and does some memory tests; but while doing those tests we see how she fought to stay with Jack. Randall and Miguel argue over about the situation and after learning that there could be something going on with Rebecca the two put their feelings aside and focused on Rebecca.

Kate is about to throw a surprise birthday for Tobey and can’t wait to meet the lady from his Zumba class. As she works and worries, it turns out that during the party she wasn’t there and that Tobey has switched to a different class group. After Tobey tells Kate why he switched classes and the reason he didn’t tell her as Kate gives him his gift of a vacation retreat that helps with parents for blind children. But in the end, they have a moment when baby Jack sees the pineapple lights really spark the love back with one another.

Kevin tries to get in the online dating world and it’s not going so good. After a few bombs, Kevin decides to stop and late the universe take it from there; until he meets this woman at the coffee shop. He confronts her and the two talk and after sparks really fly with one another the two go out on a date with John Legend performing for them. It all stopped after learning she’s married and this was just a hall pass. But as Kevin goes back to work he gets a call from Sophie.

As Randall comes back home seeing him look at his girls and later kiss Beth; he goes downstairs and sees a burglar and we leave the episode like that.

“Lights and Shadows” was such an amazing and powerful episode that had such rich and emotional moments.  The Rebecca story was so damn good and one of my favorite performances from Mandy Moore so far. Kate and Toby were good as well; while I was convinced that Sophia Bush could be the woman for Kevin; I’m still hoping for him to get back with Sophie. It has to be that Kevin and Sophie will get back together and have that child that he wants. Strong writing with strong character growth in this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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