Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E13) “The Canadians of Africa”

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Hi guys, our favorite Nigerian immigrants are back and we are just too happy to have them here.  For a recap on the previous episode of Bob Hearts Abishola, please click here.

Fair warning, this recap contains spoilers about this episode.

Lets get to it, shall we?

This episode starts with Bob at the Olatunji’s to pick up Abishola for what would have been a dinner date. Still mad at Dottie for here comments about Abishola last week, Olu and Tunde hide in the Kitchen so as not to face Bob.  Bob tries to get friendly with Dele (Travis Wolfe), but he’s not responsive. This leads Bob to think that maybe Dele is unhappy.

He makes his observation known to Abishola during dinner. She gets mad and ends their date early.

When Abishola gets home, she confronts Dele, asking him if he is sad or depressed. He denies it and promises to tell her anytime he is unhappy.

The next day, Dele runs away from home and goes to meet Bob in his office. There, he opens up to Bob that he doesn’t want to be a doctor as his mother has always wanted fro him. He tells Bob he wants to be a dance choreographer and asks Bob to help tell his mother about his dream to not be a doctor.  Finally, Bob agrees and calls Abishola who arrives with Tunde. Dele shows his mum videos of him dancing (He’s really really good). She tries to mask her pride with a stern outlook.  She finally decides that he can both dance and go to medical school and afterwards, she will decide his next step (lol, typical).

Elsewhere, Kemi is dodging Chukwuemeka’s mother after ‘squeaking like a leaky balloon’.  She gets the great idea to climb down the fire escape from Abishola who calls her to inform her that Dele is missing.

Some positives about this episode; We got to see Kofo and Goodwin, who are grossly under utilized. I really enjoy their scenes and believe they should maybe get more screen time, maybe even their own show, lol.  Also, we got some insight into the life of Dele, who is an integral part of Abishola’s life.  In addition, we got to see Dele and Bob bond, as future father and son, establishing a good relationship from the start is a great way to begin that relationship.

A few questions; Who is this Chinese girl Dele plays chess with? I would really love to meet her. Also, how does Bob hope to redeem himself from the seemingly deep hole he has dug fro himself?

In all, I give the episode an 8 out of 10.

Bob hearts Abishola returns February 3rd 2020 on CBS.