Bull (S04E12) “Behind the Ivy”

Behind the Ivy” takes us into the  highly competitive world of High School sports. The wrestling team at the Ivy League, Dartwell has lost one of its best, brightest and up and coming, stars. The charge is negligent homicide.

Antonio Garcia (Mateo Ferro)  is desperately trying to make weight.  He’s over (weight) 3 pounds.  He’s working out, running, not eating and even throwing up. His coach,  Mr Davis (Joseph Lyle Taylor) “fat shames” and guilts him into trying even harder.

So Antonio wears a garbage bag, under his workout sweats.   He runs behind a van, in the ultimate “heavy weight” work out.  But we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, as an obviously very weak Antonio, wheezes heavily before dropping to the ground.  It’s heart failure. He’s 16 years old.

Chuck’s  friend, Reggie (Don Guillory) Antonio’s school counselor,  makes a visit  on behalf of the parents.  Dartwell wants to settle.  $500k to make this go away. Heart failure and dehydration is the Cause of Death.  Dartwell is claiming a childhood heart murmur, is the case. No fault, when pre existing! 

Yet The murmur is resolved by school age and has no bearing on this case.  So the family won’t settle, they  want answers!  A wrongful death suit? Bull is in.

Simple, isn’t it?  Yet it was another evening of twist, turns,  curve balls and how will we get the rabbit out of the hat,  attempting to find out what really happened ?!   

On another note, Bull provides the comic relief, as it were. Preparing for the baby bull,  he straps on a carry harness, complete with pigskin for fit.  Yes. He looks fat!! 

By the time the expert cardiologist testified,  the moment we experience every week was here.  How in the world will they pull this out?!

Yes, there were drugs taken; unbeknownst to TAC, the parents and especially this viewer!  But they were taken for diet, not to beef up! Who knew?  The coach of course! I saw it coming!

A child died for personal gain.  For this reason, this one is not one of my favorites.  Yet it does serve to show the lengths we can go for greed, self gratification and because we can.  We’re non discriminating and age doesn’t matter.

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Bull straps up!