Will & Grace (S11E08) “Lies & Whispers”

With all the important pregnancy milestones on track, what could possibly go wrong? In Will & Grace, we all know that nothing can go off without a hitch. Sure they want what is best for their children, but at what cost? (Spoilers Ahead)

Let the games begin

Larry (Tim Bagley) makes an impromptu visit. His dotting granddaughter, or as he refers to her, demon spawn, is in need of the gentle sizzling of the food network to put her to sleep, if only their television wasn’t broken. With him, he also brings in the inevitable conflict. Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) must do everything to set their unborn children up for success, which means getting into the best schools (which also happen to be difficult to get in). Larry’s horror stories of his own daughter’s upbringing get them out the door, and into an unknown future.

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New friends. New Adventures. (Photo: NBC/Google)

Meanwhile, Jack (Sean Hayes) is helping Jenny (Demi Lovato) with her ASMR podcast. Making soothing noises for the masses. This is where he runs into Karen (Megan Mullally), who is still hooking up with Luke (Christopher Thornton). She has had such a rough year, it’s about time she’s had some fun, without the strings, too bad Luke is looking for much more than that. If only Jack would’ve kept his mouth shut, but that’s not in Jack’s nature now, is it? The “booty call” notion is in the air, and Karen is pissed.

Who knew that a fight through hushed tones could be so terrifying? There is something rather unsettling behind calm, low tones, that want to rip you apart. Karen had a good thing going, so did Luke, but in the end, Jack is right. It’s just a booty call, nothing more. She can’t handle anything serious at the moment, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have one last ride, right?

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Happiness comes in all forms. (Photo: Google/NBC)
The truth, you can’t escape it

Planning for their children’s futures, Will and Grace run into a proverbial wall. There is only one space available, and they both secretly want in. So what do they do? Go behind each other’s backs, instead of talking it over like civilized adults. It doesn’t take long for them to find each other out, nor is it surprising with the barrage of insults that follows. Thankfully they are in a place of peace and great intelligence, they are guided to reflect and look at things in another perspective.

They don’t want to do any of this by themselves, they want to do it all together. Even if that means finding another school, this one isn’t for them. Good thing, because Larry just so happens to take that last spot for his Granddaughter. I guess it worked out for them all in the end? The babies will be here before we know it, they will be okay as long as they are doing it together.

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Together. Forever. (Photo: IMDB)
Final Thoughts:

I’m wondering when the characters will finally learn to trust in one another. Of course, conflict is good for a series, but there comes a point when you wonder if they will ever stop spinning in circles. This is a comedy, but there are still real, genuine life lessons thrown into the mix. After all these years, they should know better. This is when they need each other, more than ever. I surely hope we see more of Karen as well, it’s not the same without her.


A new episode of Will & Grace airs Thursday, February 6 on NBC at 9/8c.

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