Legacies (S02E10) “This Is Why We Don’t Entrust Plans To Muppet Babies”

Legacies. - Legacies (S02E10) "This Is Why We Don't Entrust Plans To Muppet Babies"

Legacies is back! Yes and we are so very excited.  For a quick refresher into last week’s episode, click here

Please note that this recap contains spoilers for the episode, viewers’ discretion is advised.


Legacies S2 Alyssa - Legacies (S02E10) "This Is Why We Don't Entrust Plans To Muppet Babies"

Okay so we have heard about about Alyssa Chang all through the seasons of legacies. Although we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, except for her appearance last week as Hope’s new room mate. We finally got to see Alyssa Chang in her elements. We got to understand her origin story, how she came into the school, her love for the element of fire (because what’s a witch without an affinity for the flames) and also, her cunning, deceptive character as well as her sharp tongue.

All through the episode, we saw her deliver various lines of pure vile to almost all the characters on the show and the episode ended with her brilliant plan sending the Saltzmans to the same prison world the girls created with Bonnie to trap their psycho uncle.


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Surprisingly, the monster in this episode was not the center story of this  episode. The Qareen was just a side show that helped Legacies finally address the clerical error that is Wade! With the Qareen showing up, Legacies finally was able to assign a power to Wade. The whole story howbeit icky, was a good side show that enabled us to see Hope and the rest of the girls spit some venom, you know, normal teenage girl stuff.

Some harsh words and a few chants from the entire school saw Wade growing fairy wings, defeating the Qareen and stopping him from escaping with the sand glass of dark magic.


With the Qareen defeated, we see Emma (who returned from Japan to host witch day) and the rest of the school witches create a new ascendant. With the new ascendant, came a new prison world where they were able of trap the Mora Miserium (Out of sight, out of mind right)? We later see Alaric and the girls disappear after the entire debacle. It is revealed that Alyssa had created a time delay to send the saltzmans along with the Miserium to the prison world to teach them a lesson.


Finally,!A big question on my mind has been answered. Remember last year when Kaleb kind of went rogue? Well, I wondered what Alaric would do if he went full on killer. That question was answered this week. So, The teachers of The Salvatore School have this thing where they send students who are seemingly irredeemable to the prison world. This also answered last week’s question of what Alaric did with Sebastian. Alyssa was also given the choice between the spirit world and having her memory altered to forget her childhood trauma. She chose the latter. However, with Josie returning everyone’s memory, Alyssa remembered much more than hope and lashed out as we have mentioned.


All ‘Hope’ is not lost however, as we see Hope figure out Alyssa’s plan. So while the Saltzman are busy trying to get out of the prison world, we have Hope on this side fighting to bring them back in time. Thankfully, Hope will have enough time on her hands as she has ceased to be Landon’s trainer.


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I do not know where kaleb has been hiding but it was darn sure good to see him in this episode. Although he didn’t play a major role, seeing him and MG bond again was definitely one of the highlights of the show for me.

This episode was very interesting and crucial to how the rest of the series plays out. Will Caroline Forbes (Candice King) finally make an appearance – howbeit unlikely- or will we get another Europe Reference? How will Kai (Chris Wood) make his appearance? Honestly, I am looking forward to seeing that little rascal again. What will Sebastian’s role be in the prison world, pro kai or pro Lizzie? Will Lizzie forgive Alaric for locking Sebastian up in the prison world? What ‘hope’ is there for Hope and Landon?

Legacies airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.