Batwoman(S01E11) “An Un-Birthday Present”

Holy Batwoman Mania, we had a great episode ladies and gentleman! It had doppelgängers, deceit, and amazing family reunion! So let’s get to this review!

Okay so this episode literally touched on a theory I had about the other Beth (Rachel Skarsten) that she was indeed from another earth. However they didn’t mention which earth she used to be from. But it seems like things were a little similar just played out differently on other Beth’s earth. But at least when Kate/Batwoman (Ruby Rose) explained it to other Beth she understood everything about the multiverse which takes a big load off of Kate I guess.

But we also saw how Alice (Rachel Skarsten) became Alice and what drove her to create that persona which is awful yes but it also makes you feel sorry for the villain. Because we finally see the torment and trauma she went through and how horrible the doctor really was while he was around but the last answer I think we need answered is what happened to Mouse’s (Sam Littlefield) father. I mean I’m sure it was a horrible death.

But it doesn’t mean we can feel bad for what Alice has done in the present, like what lead her to be in Crow custody, or what she had Mouse plan in her capture which was absolutely the worst plan ever. Sure it probably sounded good in his twisted, messed up head but it was a flawed plan. Especially with the plan including Kate, I mean come on any plan including Kate being a target is gonna be flawed cause she’s Batwoman.

That’s another thing I wanted to discuss in this episode and the last, ever since Batwoman came out as being gay the police haven’t felt right having to call upon her. Only because of that one little thing, that’s just not right but when the people of Gotham spoke to light the bat signal that’s what made Batwoman proud knowing Gotham’s citizens have Batwoman’s back. That’s a city I can get behind on, a city that doesn’t care if you are gay, straight, bi, etc. you are treated equally maybe by not all but by most.

Now in this episode I knew because of both Beth’s playing a part in the episode that it would lead to a multiverse brain break where only one of the Beth’s can live. If other Beth dies then Alice really will be the winner and will continue her evil plans forever. It will literally come down to who should and should not live, will the next episode bring Kate to having to do what Bruce on Old Earth-99 and lead her to having to take her first kill? Would Kate be able to stop? Or will Sophie (Meagan Tandy) take a kill? Will they rewrite how Beth became Alice? It’s hard to say but it looks like we will have to wait 3 weeks until the next episode so whatever is going to happen it’s gotta be huge!

Next Episode: Batwoman(S01E12) “Take You Choice” airs Sunday February 16, 2020 at 8/7c on The CW