The Walking Dead Season 10A Recap and Review

We are less than a month away from the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead season ten so this might be a great time to do a quick catch up. 

So what has been going on in the world of the dead? 

Community love

The communities are finally acting as one. Members of both Hilltop and Alexandria have gathered to train alongside those in Oceanside. 

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A sweet moment between brother and sister in Oceanside *Image from IMDB

Story time with Judith 

Judith tells RJ about their dad and the bridge. It’s a tender moment in the middle of turmoil. It was also nice to see RJ and Judith interacting with one another. 

All is well until

RJ and the other kids find a whisperer made mask that washed up on shore.

Remember it’s been six months since they last saw the whisperers and this brings them back to the forefront of everyone’s mind. 

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Michonne helping fight the fire and walker’s from the satellite *image from IMDB

Things get worse quickly

When a satellite falls and sets the forest on fire and they have to enter whisperer territory to put it out. 

A failed meeting

When they meet with Alpha to discuss them entering their land, Carol turns what could’ve been a non-violent meeting into a violent one by shooting at Alpha. 

Now I know that Carol is pissed but she is being really careless this season. 

This causes Alpha to extend the whisperer’s borders. 

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Alpha and Lydia at the beginning of the apocalypse *image from IMDB

Who is Alpha?

In a flashback we see Alpha and Lydia living with Lydia’s dad in a shelter at the start of the apocolypse and her mother kills him in order to exert her dominance. 

We all know that Alpha is abusive towards Lydia but she is also insane as well. 


We also meet a new doctor named Dante who seems to be a fun loving guy. Well, that turned out not to be true at all. 

He ends up not only killing an elderly woman but Siddiq as well for finding out he was a whisperer and the one making everyone sick.

I’m glad that Gabriel killed him. Ido wish Dante  hadn’t been so violent and a traitor because he was an interesting character. 

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Michonne explaining to Judith why she has to go with Virgil *Image from IMDB

Michonne’s Journey 

Over in Oceanside, a newcomer named Virgil shows up and puts everyone on guard. 

Michonne talks to the man who says he knows a place with guns that they can use if she takes him home to his family. 

Michonne agrees and goes with him, setting up her final journey on the show.

I personally hope she doesn’t die and moves to the movies with Andrew. 

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Negan helping Milo feel better and bonding with him *Image from IMDB

In other news

Negan, who’s been doing some gardening for Alexandria, decided after helping Lydia fight off some goons and accidentally killing one, and then being mysteriously let out of his cell after having everyone call for his death, that it was time to go his own way. 

Along that way, he meets Brandon, a young savior who admires him and gives him back his jacket and Lucille. 

After a while they run into Amelia and her son Milo. Brandon says they should kill the mom and son and take their stuff and when Negan says they don’t kill kids he tells Brandon he should go. 

While bonding with Milo, Negan goes to get some wood and while he is out you hear the old savior whistle and he finds that Brandon has killed both Amelia and her son. 

Beyond angry Negan smashes Brandon’s head in with a rock and goes and calls out for the whisperers to get him even using his old ”little piggy, little piggy let me in” and the whistle. 


He is found and put to a loyalty test by Beta who hates him because he talks way too much. The scenes between Beta and Negan were some of the best for both characters this season. 

The last we saw of Negan was him kneeling at Alpha’s feet and swearing his loyalty. 

I can’t wait to see what Negan has in store for his new friends. 

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Daryl and Aaron stuck in a cave of walkers *Image from IMDB

Final Moments

After getting a tip from Gamma, a whisperer close to Alpha who wants to get payback for Alpha lying about killing her daughter, Aaron shows the others to where Alphas horde should be but they find an empty pasture. 

They do find the horde though thanks to Carol, who goes chasing after Alpha and ends up getting herself, Aaron, Magna, Connie, Kelly, Jerry and Daryl trapped in a cave full of the undead. 

I really hope Carol gets in some serious trouble for this one after the pain they put Michonne through for closing the gates of Alexandria in season nine. 

February 23

That is the date in which the show returns for the second half of the season. I really hope things pick up a little. 

The fight between the whisperers has been dragged out and I feel it is time to put a end to it. 

The only redeeming qualities have been the chats between Michonne and Judith.

With Lauren (Maggie) returning in this back half, hopefully, that will soften the blow of Danai’s (Michonne) departure a little. 

See you all on the 23rd.


The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c.on AMC.