Black Lightning(S03E11) “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn’s Addiction”

Alright ladies and gentleman we had a great episode brought to us tonight! We had a lot of things brought to us tonight and I will cover as much as I can. So let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we have a character brought back from the dead, Lady Eve (Jill Scott) I guess it’s true what they say about comic characters they are never really dead. Especially when you have someone like Dr. Lazarus bringing them back to life. Or even the Lazarus pit or any other ways but in this case it was the doctor. But it’s interesting to see that she was the character we saw in the regeneration/resurrection process when Lala (William Catlett) visited Dr. Lazarus last season. Yes, that wondering eye we saw in the resurrection tank last season was Lady Eve. But it’s good to have her back and I wonder what she will do with her new life other than what she’s doing right now.

Now in this episode we had a lot of things that happened but I think the most intensified moment would have to be when Jennifer/Lightning (China McClain) finally found out that Khalil/Painkiller (Jordan Calloway) is still alive and was brought back to life Frankenstein style by the ASA. Just seeing Jennifer divided between her feelings for Khalil and trusting her family it almost killed her in this episode. But now because of all the secrets and lies Jennifer feels she can’t trust her family anymore. So what will happen with Jennifer? How will the family recover from this?

We also saw Grace (Chantal Thuy) be reunited with Anissa/Thunder/Blackbird (Nafessa Williams) which we all are happy to see this super couple back together again. And now that all the heroes are on the same earth, maybe Grace will be able to meet up with some of the other heroes like Flash, or Batwoman or Supergirl or anyone I mean it would be interesting to see her team up with another hero as well as Anissa. It would be pretty awesome wouldn’t it? But I’m just glad to see Anissa and Grace together and hopefully they stay together this time around.

Now when Odell (Bill Dukes) was being taken away from the kidnapped area it sounded like Gambi (James Remar) said that Odell was heading back to Gotham, which is way outside of Freeland, so are the ASA now regrouping in Gotham to get their numbers together and then head back to Freeland to attack the Pierce family? It would be a good theory.

What will happen to Khalil now that Jennifer and the others know that Baron/TC (Christopher Ammanuel) can hear Khalil’s thoughts through his chip inside of him? Will they find a way to restore Khalil’s mind? Or will the attempts kill Khalil? Hard to say that’s why we need to keep watching.

Final thought, we heard Brandon (Jahking Guillory) throw out some suggestive names for his superhero persona. One that caught my ears was Geo-Force which is a DC Comics superhero who helped create the Outsiders and could control the earth ground. Now if Brandon does go with this name it will be a huge step forward to creating The Outsiders maybe in the Black Lightning series. What are your thoughts? Send them down in the comments!

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S03E12) “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three” airs Monday February 3, 2020 at 9/8c on The CW