This Is Us (S04E11) “A Hell Of A Week, Part 1”

This starts the first of the Big Three Trilogy with another powerful story. Here’s a recap!!


NUP 189252 1445 - This Is Us (S04E11) "A Hell Of A Week, Part 1"

In this another installment of the Big Three Trilogy; we start off with Randall as we pick up from the moment the previous episode ended when Randall face to face with a burglar in the house that started to relive his past once again.

After Randall stands his ground and offers the burglar his money; the guy ran off and we start to see Randall become unhinged when it comes to protecting his family and the fear that comes to it. After placing home security, it takes a real toll on him that it even takes him away from his job; as the city council and the talk about the big bill that the residents have big concerns.

Randall gets a call from Kevin, who’s in Pittsburgh to visit Sophie as her father past away; but Randall doesn’t tell him about what had happened. Night terrors start to come back and we see how after Jack’s death that these night terrors started and continued throughout his life even when meeting Beth. After taking his run, Randall stops a robber from stealing from a lady and kicks the shit out of him. When he returns to work as a hero, he runs back home as it took much and later calls Kevin to tell him that he wasn’t okay and tells him about what had happened and needed a talk.

This episode was so powerful and truthful about not only fear can conquer us but that it’s okay to talk about anything Sterling K. Brown gives such a strong performance in this episode along with the actors that played the young and college Randall. The writing was strong and had so much character development. It does leave to preview of what to expect in the next two episodes; with Kevin meeting Sophie and Kate’s history with the so-called boyfriend that ended with a shocking cliffhanger in this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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