Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part 3)

sabrina part 3 300x169 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part 3)

After Chilling Adventures of Sabrina amazing quality part 2 finale, I must say I had very high expectations for part 3, however there are several reasons as to why this did and didn’t meet them.

Firstly one of my favourite parts of the part 2 finale was when Lilith (Michelle Gomez), FINALLY got crowned queen of Hell, a title which she more than deserved, especially all the abuse and slavery that she had to experience with the dark lord. It was amazing to see Gomez embrace her amazing abilities to fabulously evil and sassy in the first episode as the queen of hell, the “cat got your tongue? Oh wait thats me”. Line was ICONIC and should not be forgotten about. The scene where all the girls were praying to Lilith and we saw her face radiate pure happiness gave me CHILLS. However as promising as this storyline was, unfortunately it did not in the slightest bit deliver, when at the end of the episode Sabrina was announced as queen of hell and Lilith was once again a foot soldier. Even though her presence and sass was as entertaining as always (especially her being completely done with Sabrina and her relationship drama. Sadly I felt this season lacked complexity and any growth for the incredibly interesting character. With this season ending with Lilith pregnant with the dark lords son (which is in my opinion the worst thing they did this season) I cant help but feel like we are right back to where we started, where Lilith was simply a man’s slave. But at the end of the day whatever happens with the rest of the series, the church of night and whatever its new name is supposed to be, will always be the church of Lilith in my eyes.

Moving on to the more positive side of this season, I was very excited to see how Zelda Spellman (Miranda Otto) handled her new (and once again incredibly deserved) position as High Priestess, with the coven falling apart. It was interesting to see the progress of the beginning of this season where she struggled to get the acceptance of the young girls at the academy, even being called a bitch. Side note: the amazing line “would any of them have ever called Faustus a bitch? No. And he was a little bitch.” Was absolute GOLD and is more evidence that Zelda Spellman is the queen of comedic one liners. Despite the coven facing more difficulties throughout the season with the pagan witch doing everything they can to destroy them and with the evil and incredibly irritating Dark Lord (Luke Cook) and Faustus Blackwood (Richard Coyle) returning with nothing more than revenge in mind. Yet Zelda manage to overcome all the difficulties she faced and helped lead the coven to defeat the pagans, and a huge part of her journey was self discovery and realising how powerful and capable she is, what a WOMAN. I also HAVE to mention the series finale scene where Zelda kisses Mambo Marie (Skye Marshall) as I’m sure that I was not the only one that found themselves screaming out loud. Since Zelda’s main priorities are helping her family and coven which she loves unconditionally, Marie doing everything she can to help Zela this season shows that they are a perfect couple. I’m more than excited to see how this relationship develops, since they are two powerful witches, and having an interracial female relationship is the AMAZING representation that we need and deserve.

Some overall points of part 3 was despite having to once again experience the painful teenage live triangle of Sabrina-Nick-Harvey, I mean at this point is anyone even invested in this anymore?? As well as once again having to see the teenage characters being overly sexualised which I cant help but feel grossly uncomfortable, also incredibly confused how they seemed to be emphasising that its unusual/abnormal to be a virgin at the age of 15/16 when it really isn’t. However it brought me so much joy to see a new relationship between Theo (Lachlan Watson) and new guy Robin (Jonathon Whitesell), a teenage relationship between for a trans boy is amazing representation and trans inclusion and I’m so proud of this show for giving transgender teenagers the important representation, that will be so important and influential for them. This season certainly kept up with its dark theme and tones which is what makes the show its own,  however by far the most traumatising thing that I witnessed this season was the singing cheerleaders, its fair to say that I haven’t cringed that hard at a television scene in a while. However with all the highs and lows of this season, I very much enjoyed the once again very open and intriguing finale, and I’m looking forward to see what Sabrina and her doppelgänger will be up to in part 4. See you then witches!