Mauricio Lara – Simon on Netflix’s “Healing Power of Dude”

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Mauricio Lara
[Credit: Russell Baer]
Starring as one of the leads in Netflix‘s highly anticipated teen and family feel-good comedy series “Healing Power of Dude” (premiering in January 2020), we would love to arrange an interview with you and one to watch emerging actor Mauricio Lara on his upcoming project. Mauricio is available to discuss the impact of the upcoming series that tackles social anxiety disorder, surviving middle school awkwardness, as well as other teen issues. Having already starred in heavy-hitting series such as CBS‘ “Young Sheldon,” ABC‘s “The Conners,” and TV Land’s “Teachers,” Mauricio, is one of the must-see next generation of Latinx actors.


“Healing Power of Dude” follows troubled 11-year-old Noah, who suffers from social anxiety disorder, and his two best friends Simon (Mauricio), and Amara as they prepare to start middle school. Aside from relying on his close friends, Noah also turns to his dog ‘Dude,’ a sarcastic and emotional support dog who needs Noah as much as Noah needs him. Simon (Mauricio), is one of Noah’s best friends in the series. He is known for having a big heart and caring deeply for his squad but is also known for not being one of the brightest in his circle. The group heavily relies on each other for support during some of the most awkward and trying times of any adolescent. The series slated to be released in mid-January 2020 also stars Tom Everett Scott, and Larisa Oleynik.

Welcome to TV Series Hub, you have been in many shows already, which appearance has been your favorite?

I think that being on The Healing Powers of Dude was my favorite because I was able to bond with the cast and crew in a way that I had never done before. Also, we got to film in Vancouver which was an amazing experience in itself.

How did you know acting was your ‘thing’ at such an early age? Who was your inspiration?

I guess that I just really liked making people laugh and entertaining them, so it kind of just aligned. I didn’t really have an inspiration, it kind of just happened.

Being a child star comes with its pressures, what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

Not having a normal schedule was one of the most difficult things to handle. I kind of just started planning things around the fact that I might have an audition or be on set, and it all just worked out.

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Mauricio Lara
[Credit: Russell Baer]

Support structures are very important, who have been key in your career so far?

For sure my mom. She has always supported me and has always been there for me along this crazy ride. She is my rock.

Your latest project “Healing Power of Dude” touches heavily on support structures, how would you describe the show?    

I would describe the show as a family show that speaks to everyone and is all-encompassing. It is something that anyone, no matter who they are or where they are in life, could watch and find something they can relate to in it.

What message would you like viewers to get from the show?

I would like viewers to understand that having the right people behind them could be influential in shaping who they become.

Mental Health is one of the key issues that is being discussed throughout the world, how do you hope this show contributes to the awareness and discussion around it?

It is so amazing that there is now some light being shed onto not just mental health but all disabilities. My hope is that the show starts a trend in hiring people who are disabled because we need more of that representation on TV, film, and all other platforms. It’s great that they cast Sophie Jaewon Kim (Amara) on the show, who helps show kids with disabilities that they are represented too. I am so happy to be a part of something that will contribute to the discussion.

Already contributing to social development at such a young age, where do you see yourself in the coming years?

I do not know where I am going to be in the future but what I do know is that whatever I’m doing, I hope to be happy and successful.

What kind of role do you hope to play in the future?

I love all genres of music, so I would definitely want to play a musician

What are your favorite shows so far?

I love The Good Place, Brooklyn 99, and Parks and Rec, really anything made by Michael Schur

MauricioLarabyRussellBaer4 680x1024 - Mauricio Lara - Simon on Netflix's "Healing Power of Dude"
Mauricio Lara
[Credit: Russell Baer]

How do you balance your studies and career?  

The way I balance school and acting is by having good communication with my teachers, who understand my situation and help me out the best they can.

Coming from a Latino background, how do you hope to inspire others with your career?

I want to show other Latinx that they are being represented on TV and other platforms. I would also want to hopefully inspire some people to go out and pursue acting.

Thank you for joining us, what has been your motivation and rock throughout your career so far?

As I said before, my mom is my rock and my motivation to keep going, because she has done a lot to support me and I want her to see me succeed.