Legacies (S02E11) “What Cupid Problem?”

Legacies. - Legacies (S02E11) "What Cupid Problem?"


Hello, lovers of legacies! Let’s get right into it, shall we?

This episode of legacies certainly took a different path than I thought it would. With the rather suspense-filled ending of the previous episode (see here), one would have expected this episode to lay the groundwork for the much-awaited arrival of Uncle Dearest Kai.

Instead, the episode almost completely ignored the missing Saltzmans and focused instead on Cupid’s blood lust big brother ‘Pothos’ (sounds too much like ‘POTUS’ ), but I digress.

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The only mentions of the Saltzmans and the prison world were the time MG spent trying to manipulate Alyssa to give up the location of the ascendant. We see MG involuntarily replace Kym on his ill-advised date with Alyssa. We later see MG come clean to her after she failed intimacy attempts. He admits that he is only after the ascendant. She leads him to where she hid it and then drops the ascendant (We didn’t see that coming at all), destroying it.

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Elsewhere, We see Landon try and fail desperately to contain reverse Cupid without Hope’s help to no avail. First, he loses him in the gym, then he cannot get a shot at him until Hope arrives. At this point, I think we either need to give Landon some super cool power that doesn’t only involve rising from the dead or make him accept that Hope will always be stronger than him and stick to using his brain to help. To be honest, the whole act is getting just a tad annoying.

Speaking of Hope, she was stretched way too much on this episode. Between Pothos and Alyssa and Landon, it felt like she was doing too many things at the same time. Also, I would like to point out that the much-feared child of Niklaus and Hayley we saw on ‘The Originals’ is very much different from whatever version we get to see now on Legacies. Hope is trapped in a school filled with individuals with seemingly mediocre power when compared to hers and she is not being allowed to access her full powers. It is either they are saving her powers for the big fight with Malivore and/or The Necromancer, or we have been sorely cheated out of great television.

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It wasn’t an all bad episode in the end. We see Landon can levitate – a good first stepper to flying. Although we do not know where the show is headed with this. Are we going to see wings and magic tears next? We also get to see my personal Salvatore favourite Pedro. The scenes with MG and Kaleb were good too. We also see the prophecy by the Sphinx coming together. So at least this wasn’t a total bust.

A few questions; With the ascendant destroyed, what hope is there to bring Alaric and the girls back? When do we get to see the entire picture with The Necromancer? Will we get a big Necromancer Vs Malivore showdown? Hopefully, these questions will be answered in next week’s episode and in subsequent episodes. Until next time folks!

Legacies returns Thursdays at 9/8c on the CW.