Star Trek: Picard (S01E02) “Maps and Legends”

Hello to all trekkies, new and old alike. It’s time for my review of the latest episode of Picard called ‘Map and Legends’. Sit back and enjoy the show.

secrets within secrets

This episode starts off with a flashback to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards on Mars fourteen years ago.  It’s first contact day. There is a skeleton crew of humans manning the base, as well as several AI. The human workers treat the AI with much disdain. One of them, called “F8” hacks the computer. He’s been corrupted. The humans try to intervene but he kills them all, and afterward, he destroys himself.

At the vineyard, Picard (Patrick Stewart) is reviewing the incident that killed Dahj (Isa Briones). Laris (Orla Brady) suggests that it was the work of Zhat Vash, which was the secret order that existed before the Tal Shiar. Zhat Vash was supposed to be a myth. They supposedly keep a secret so terrible, that the knowledge would break a person’s mind. The Zhat Vash has a very deep fear and loathing of all AI. They operate on multiple worlds, including earth.

Laris and Picard visit Dahj’s apartment. The Zhat Vash ‘scrubbed’ her apartment and left no traces of themselves there. When Laris searches the computer, she eventually finds a clue. Picard said it’s ‘the ghost in the machine’. They uncover information that the sisters have been in contact and the signal is from off-world.

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Soji together with Narek. Photo from IMDB.
together and apart

On the Borg cube, Soji tells Narek (Harry Treadaway) that they call the cube ‘The Artifact’. It’s lost, separated from the collective. Soji and Narek have become lovers. Soji tries to get Narek to open up, but he says he is a ‘very private person’. He asks Soji is she can keep a secret. She says yes.

Picard receives a visit from Dr. Mortiz Benayoun (David Paymer). Picard wants to do interstellar traveling but needs clearance from him.  Mortiz tells Picard he checks out, except for the abnormality in his parietal lobe. He describes symptoms identical to what Picard has been experiencing. Picard is adamant that he needs to get cleared for travel.

Picard goes to Starfleet HQ. He has a meeting with Admiral Kirsten Clancy (Ann Manguson). Picard asks the Admiral to re-instate him into Starfleet for one mission. He explains about Dahj. Kirsten becomes very hostile and an argument arises. She tells Picard that the federation had no choice but to pull out from saving the Romulans or they would have risked breaking several key alliances. She denies his request.

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Picard and Admiral Clancy square off against each other. Photo from IMDB.
reclamation and risks

Back on the borg cube, the Romulans are preparing to go into the ‘Gray Zone’: an area where there were still members of the Borg residing. Bit by bit, the Romulans were ‘reclaiming’ them. They start their work to ‘disassemble’ the  Borg, called ‘The Nameless’ by some.

Dr. Agnes (Alison Pill) visits Picard. She could only find a small amount of information, but she tells Picard that Dahj’s identity was fabricated and it was created about three years ago. Picard still has an active communicator. He uses it to contact Raffi (Michelle Hurd). He later goes to see Raffi, who is less than happy to see him, and only opens up when he offers her a bottle of wine.

At Starfleet HQ, Clancy contacts Commodore Oh (Tamlyn Tomita) and expresses her concerns about Picard. Oh tells her not to worry about it. Afterward, she calls in Lieutenant Rizzo (Peyton List). Commodore Oh is not happy about how Rizzo’s team botched the operation to interrogate Dahj. It is revealed that they are part of the Zhat Vash. Rizzo tells Oh that she has someone working on Soji. She contacts Narek and tells him to speed things up, and find the location of the other AI.

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Rizzo warning Narek to hurry up. Photo from IMDB.


Wow, so much intrigue! The plot thickens. I really love how they are building up the suspense. This is a similar format to Discovery. They are all linked together in a cohesive storyline, rather than each episode having its own storyline like on TNG, DS9, and Voyager.

This series is also much darker as well. It’s interesting to see Picard in a different setting. We get to see more facets of his character.

I think that Narek will end up betraying the Zhat Vash and joining Soji. But who knows? We will just have to get more answers to more questions in the next episode.

Catch a new episode of Star Trek Picard on Thursday, Feb 6 on Crave.