Supernatural (S15E09) “The Trap”

Screenshot 1400 - Supernatural (S15E09) "The Trap"

( Small disclaimer: I wasn’t SPOILED OF ANYTHING before catching up on Supernatural. I did well to avoid the hashtag on Twitter. ^_^; )



“Dean will you stop being stupid!”

(Cas getting on Dean about going to purgatory instead of going to save Sam first.)



This is what I got from watching the promo:

Y’all Sammy is going to suffer. Mainly mentally because it looks like Chuck is flushing all of his possible endings to Sam? While it looks like Dean & Cas are trying their hella best in Purgatory.


Who’s in this episode:

Sam, Dean, Eileen, Castiel, Chuck (god), mentioned: Benny & Eve, & showed Death with Jack at the end of the episode.


Loved from this episode:

  • Sam got to see the gruesome future ahead if Chuck wasn’t their anymore. (Well possible future outcomes of course. Chuck literally could’ve rigged that watch & have him see whatever he wanted. Chuck can’t be trusted, he’s a lying fox.)
  • Eileen being sassy towards Chuck. She had no fear! (Sort of)
  • Sam finally kisses Eileen. Been waiting eons for that!
  • Seeing Jack again?
  • Dean hasn’t lost his hope even though Sammy has. He’s going to keep on swinging!
  • And lastly, Dean finally admitting how truly angry he was. Or really how he always has anger inside of him & how he lashes out. He needs Cas, his best friend, his right-hand man, his angel! He should’ve stopped Cas from leaving.


“Why are you like this?!”

“Like what?!”



(Chuck not understanding why Sam won’t back down.)



What I didn’t like from this episode:

  • Chuck using Eileen like a doll to do his dirty work! That scene made me so mad!
  • All these future visions! Heck, I’d rather them deal with an actual apocalypse than the monsters taking over…oh wait, Technically that would be one…
  • You can tell Chuck planned all this mind mess on Sammy. Him being too casual about him seeing the future is a load of bull! You can tell from his facial expressions that he’s enjoying this way too much!
  • Hearing about the death of Benny & concerned for their safety for they might have to fight Eve in Purgatory. No, ma’am!


Favorite moments from this episode:

Dean praying to Castiel & telling him how he truly feels. Not being stubborn but legit this time; They actually hugged it out.



Next Episode:  “The Hero’s Journey”

Airs:  23rd Jan. 2020.

Source of Image: This one belongs to me, screenshotted while watching the episode.