Supernatural (S15E10) “The Hero’s Journey”

Screenshot 1421 - Supernatural (S15E10) "The Hero's Journey"

( Small disclaimer: I wasn’t SPOILED OF ANYTHING before catching up on Supernatural. I did well to avoid the hashtag on Twitter. ^_^; )


“This is Sam, I named him after you.”
“And this one must be..”
(Garth telling Dean & Sam the names of his twin boys.)



This is what I got from watching the promo:

They’re having a bad day in this one. Or is it bad luck?
It looks like nothing is going how it usually should. Even dealing with normal things looks bad on their end.


Who’s in this episode:

Dean, Sam, Garth & Family (Wife: Bess, Daughter: Gertie, Twins: Sam & Castiel), Brad (Bess’s cousin) & Mentioned: Castiel (the angel).


Loved from this episode:

  •  Dean being mad at everything going wrong.
  •  Garth! Is back! And has more kids! And neither one is named after Dean. Now that’s hilarious; He has too much fun with explosives.
  • Sam isn’t good with spicy things & Dean is a mess when getting his teeth fixed.
  • Dean trying to be a badass while eating grilled cheese. But it all goes against his stomach real quick! Poor Dean, he just wanted something good after surviving his dentist appointment.
  • Dean’s reactions to things like OMG! or You’re so strong! Had me rolling!


“I do see some cavities.”
“How many?”
(Garth telling Dean how bad his teeth are.)



What I didn’t like from this episode:

Nothing I disliked from this episode. Everything was comedic, a filler really, but it all fits with the story.


Favorite moments from this episode:

  • Sam literally going down after a glass of secret medicine.
  • Dean’s scared face while laying in the dentist’s chair.
  • Garth & Dean’s tap dance number! That was ICONIC!



Next Episode: “The Gamblers”

Airs: 30th January 2020.


Source of Image: This one belongs to me, screenshotted while watching the episode.