Supernatural (S15E11) “The Gamblers”

Screenshot 1569 - Supernatural (S15E11) "The Gamblers"

( Small disclaimer: I wasn’t SPOILED OF ANYTHING before catching up on Supernatural. I did well to avoid the hashtag on Twitter. ^_^; )


“You can’t digest cheese.”
“It’s call Lactate!”
(Sam talking to Dean at the diner.)



This is what I got from watching the promo:

Pool games for lives?
Well dang. At least it’s just this & not a slot machine that takes a year of your life if you lose.
Place your bets ladies & gentlemen things are about to heat up!


Who’s in this episode:

Dean, Sam, Castiel, Jack, Goddess of Luck, & Brotherhood of Perfectly Crafted Beings.


Loved from this episode:

  • Dean’s sense of humor about his digestion.
  • Dean admitting Sammy is smarter than him but not at playing pool.
  • The fact that Sam spells Castiel’s nickname as “Cass” & us as a fandom might spell it “Cas” or “Cast”.
  •  Learning how other Gods * Goddesses were made. I get it. Humans did worship other things then the Big Guy himself. He got jealous so he actually made them for fun. For his story plot. But now some of there are barely hanging on while others no longer exist.
  • The reunion! The family is back together, this is all I wanted!


“You’re better at me than pretty much everything.”
“I’m not mad, I’m proud!”
“But I can wet the floor with you when it comes to pool.”

(Dean talking to Sammy.)



What I didn’t like from this episode:

Seeing my baby boy Jack eating hearts! I was so confused! Thought my boy went rogue again! But He had his reasons.


Favorite moments from this episode:

  • The start of the pool game. The close up of the pool stick hitting the ball in slow motion was pretty cool.
  • Dean’s raised eyebrow to the “double or nothing” while playing pool. Glad he made that shot though.



Next Episode: “Galaxy Brain”

Airs: (New Day for Airing Episodes!) 16th March 2020 = Monday; A whole month?! Dang! I’ll do my best to be patient & wait…

Source of Image: This one belongs to me, screenshotted while watching the episode.


P.S. (The Message: “Don’t play his game, make him play yours.”  -Goddess of Luck)