Grey’s Anatomy (S16E11) “A Hard Pill to Swallow”

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This weeks episode of greys anatomy might have been slightly slow, with it being the second week back after the mid season finale I feel like they have yet to set up many promising storylines and arcs. I am also still in confusion as how they are going to write out the very popular Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) off screen. However as always this episode did have some strong moments and here are some of my highlights.

The arrival of Suzanne
Those who know me would not be surprised that the arrival of new patient of Suzanne (Sarah Rafferty) was the episode highlight for me. Being a big fan for Rafferty and her work I was incredibly excited for her appearance, and fortunately it did not disappoint. This episode we saw the beginning of Suzanne’s story arc as Deluca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) struggle to figure out what is wrong with her. There were some beautiful scenes between Suzanne and her two on screen children, as you could truly see the love and affection between the three of them, and the fear that they all feel due to the children having lost their Dad just a year before. The most heartbreaking scene for me was, after realising the possible severity of Suzanne’s condition, Suzanne had to promise her youngest child that everything is going to be alright and the doctors will find a way to make her better, whilst trying so hard to hold back her own tears. Rafferty captured this moment so beautifully, which caused me to burst into tears, showing all the emotions perfectly through her facial expressions; love, fear and heartbreak. Of course I have to mention the interaction at the end between Suzanne and Bailey where she was desperately asking for reassurance that everything was going to be alright, OUCH MY HEART HURTS! I am very much looking forward to seeing where the rest of Suzanne’s arc is going to go and looking forward to Sarah Rafferty continue to smash it! For now I am just hoping and praying that she doesn’t die as I don’t think my heart can take it.

Miranda’s heartbreak
One of the best parts of this season for me is the amount of complex and emotional storyline’s Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is getting, especially since her character has been very much sidelined in recent seasons. This weeks episode after her having experiencing the awful heartbreak last episode, of finding out that she has experienced a miscarriage, we saw her returning to work and trying to recover. Despite it being horrible to see Bailey suffer it is great to see Chandra Wilson being able to showcase her talent off and remind everyone how amazing she is. As well as reminding the audience of how strong Miranda Bailey really is, as I’m sure we all love to now and then see the very vulnerable woman that lives behind the very tough exterior. Another incredible touching scene was between Bailey and Tom Koracick (Greg German) where she admits that she took days off due to her miscarriage and he tells her to light a candle as that’s what he did whenever his ex wife had a miscarriage. Despite the fact that I’m still struggling to see his purpose both in the show and in the hospital, and every episode questioning why exactly he is still there i very icy enjoyed the interaction, and got very emotional seeing Bailey take his advice and light the candle at the end.

Teddy’s challenge
My last highlight was the more comedic and lighthearted storyline from this weeks episode, when Teddy (Kim Raver) realises that she has lost the engagement ring that was given to her by Owen (Kevin McKidd) and had been passed down in his family for decades. Teddy then has a big emotional breakdown when she finally admits to Owen that she has lot the ring after trying to avoid telling him. What I loved so much about this whole storyline that it was SO in character for Teddy, to accidentally lose an extremely valuable ring and accidentally losing it, acting like she’s alright then suddenly having a breakdown over it. I love seeing Teddy being the hilarious, awkward, and harmless mess that she’s always been and it’s why I love her! Also I love seeing Kim Raver getting to do some comedy storylines again and her comedy timing is always on point. To make the storyline that much better, it turns out that the wedding ring was accidentally swallowed by their son Leo! If I could ask for anything to be different it would be for Teddy to finally have a storyline or even just a damn scene that does not revolve around Owen! I mean seriously she has been back in the show for over two seasons now why isn’t she getting any storylines for herself? Also doesn’t make me feel anymore hopeful as it looks like this PAINFULLY dragged out love triangle still is yet to come to an end, now that Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) isn’t 100% sure if the father to her baby is Owen or her current boyfriend Link (Chris Carmack). Who knows where this storyline is going, one can only hope that it eventually comes to an end!