Prodigal Son (S01E13) “Wait & Hope”

There is no denying that Malcolm (Tom Payne) has been through hell and back, especially with these past few episodes. There is a well-deserved vacation in his cards, but, it is not in his nature to sit idle, especially when murder is just beyond the horizon. If he keeps idle, he becomes victim to his thoughts, his nightmares and worse. This episode of Prodigal Son continues to push those boundaries, bringing us quality entertainment. (Spoilers Ahead)

Nightmares runneth over

The reality, it is a questionable thing, especially for Malcolm. Although it seems that those unsettling thoughts and feelings run in the family, Martin (Michael Sheen) is out of solitary confinement, and he has earned his privileges back. The ghosts of his past are lurking just below the surface, but he seems to be able to handle them better than his dear son.

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Vacation time. A pipe dream in Prodigal Son. (Photo: IMDB)

While daddy dearest is dealing with his newfound “freedoms”, Malcolm is trying to find some semblance of balance, but the darkness seeps in, no matter how hard he tries. Jessica (Bellamy Young) means well, but she just doesn’t get it, vacation may sound like a nice concept, but it was never in Malcolm’s cards. A series of unfortunate (or fortunate?) events unfolds, as it always does. Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) is at the helm, and murder is too hard to pass up. A quick in and out turns out to be so much more.

Explosive Situation

As Ainsley (Halston Sage) so aptly puts it, murder seems to follow Malcolm. How could he not be intrigued by the latest victim? Boasting something from one of his favorite stories growing up, The Count of Monte Cristo. The camaraderie within the team is strong, how they are able to keep coming up with jokes for Malcolm’s white suit in the middle of an active crime scene, that is real kinship. Even when Edrisa (Keiko Agena) inadvertently finds the landmine beneath the victim.

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Just another day. (Photo: IMDB)

Malcolm has been through so much, yet he keeps putting himself in harm’s way. He is drawn to the chaos and maintains the life-saving pressure on the ticking land mine. One day, he’s not going to be so lucky coming out of these situations, one day it will break him completely. With the team to safety, it’s time for him to devise a plan, but death seems to be the only option. Perhaps that is why he answered Martin’s phone call, nothing to lose right? However, we know Malcolm is quick not only in his wit, but on his feet. Taking one last piece of evidence and making an escape out the window, directly onto Gil’s car (don’t ask him about it, he’s still mourning).

Vacation? What’s that?

While all of this is going on, it coincides with a big event in the inner circles. The Taylor family is celebrating the nuptials of their son, Cal (Chris Ghaffari). Could these events be connected? Yes. Yes, they could be. The team gets help in the most unusual way as well, Martin joins them in a conference call, he may be more helpful than they are willing to admit. There is a second possible victim, and they need to reach him before it’s too late.

The methodical planning in these murders is meant to make a statement, it’s meant to catch the attention of higher-ups. When the team steps into a very intriguing trap, involving swords, who can they call for help? This is outside the realm of anything they have seen before, so I suppose, they are with the perfect mind for those ideas. Malcolm did place second in ax throwing, after all. Another life saved, for now. These are supposed to come in threes.

Don’t count out the dead girl

All the clues lead them back to the Taylors and something sinister they covered up, so many years ago. Cal, had been with a woman, Isabella (Andrea Morales), whom his father had disapproved of. There was an “accident”, which left her for dead, and her father, who was now back in town (not a coincidence), it’s easy to see a motive for the path of potential bodies. When Gil and Malcolm end up at Taylor’s residence, they find Ernesto (Gary Perez) laying in wait, in the dark corners of the estate. Perfect. Bad Guy caught. Case Solved.

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Time to get down to business.(Photo: IMDB)

Now it’s time for Malcolm to go on his much-needed vacation. Dani (Aurora Perrineau) is tasked with getting him where he needs to go. Something about the arrest doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t fit his profile, but it’s out of his hands for now. Dani has learned to trust in Malcolm though and doesn’t think twice when he requests to go somewhere else. It’s time for a father/son, heart-to-heart.

Martin and Malcolm seem to work well together, and that may not be such a good thing. There are things that Martin can see, because of his checkered past, which makes him a valuable asset to the team. Something is missing in the equation, there is no passion because they have the wrong person. Isabella’s body was never recovered. This is a case between father and son, and it’s not over yet. Good thing Gil has connections into the event. Dani and Malcolm have business to attend to.

This is Malcolm’s Happy Place

The bustling wedding is the perfect place to make a stand. So many injustices have been doled out by The Taylors, especially George (Michael Siberry), who needs things to look a certain way. Jessica just so happens to be at the wedding as well, and she almost doesn’t seem surprised to see her son there. Congo lines are not for him, after all. Once more, she gets to really see her son in action. This is where he truly excels and comes alive when he is faced with impending doom.

prodigalsons01e136 - Prodigal Son (S01E13) “Wait & Hope”
Malcolm has a way with words. (Photo: IMDB)

Isabella is there, and she’s not going to give up without a fight. Her entire life has changed because of the despicable acts, so many years before. One can’t just let that go without facing their demons, something that Malcolm is highly skilled in. He goes before the room of socialites and speaks to her, but words will not fix her pain. She must go for her shot, and Malcolm must protect, as he does. Dani can still take down a person, even dressed to the nines.

People will get their justice, but not through murder. There will be consequences. Malcolm is a hero, and for once, Jessica can step up and say that she is his mother. This is Malcolm’s happy place, it’s where he needs to be. Of course, Ainsley is there, her career is certainly catapulting forward, perhaps murder follows them all.

Final Thoughts.

This episode of Prodigal Son was fast-paced and full of so many twists and turns. The writers are able to dazzle us with another gruesome scene, it all seems dire, but with a team that works so well together, we have hope that it will all work out in the end. It’s almost like they are preparing us for a time when it won’t. They are lulling the viewer into a false sense of security, don’t worry, Malcolm’s got this. One day, he’s not going to be so lucky. It pulled at my heartstrings when Ainsley admitted to getting her mother into the biggest event of the year, Jessica deserves to be happy too. Martin took so much away from her.

A new episode of Prodigal Son airs Monday, February 10 on FOX at 9/8c

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