Bull (S04E13) “Child of Mine”

Child of Mine” is a very different, “Who’s the Daddy.” for due to a bad lab job, we really don’t know, until…

A couple is sued by their baby’s bio father, after a fertility clinic mix up. 

“Havin my baby” plays, (love it when they go jukebox) while a man hails a cab. Next scene, the delivery room. Mom pushes and It’s a boy! He’s Joseph, beautiful and he’s. ..brown! Mom and Pop are not! 

3 months later…
Miles McConnell (Jay Wilkison) the legal daddy, admits he struggles; yet he loves his baby.  No doubts!   But, the fertility clinic, used someone else’s sperm!  Mistake! Elizabeth McConnell (Hani Furstenberg) calls Taylor, she’s a “long time,  haven’t seen friend.  She pulls Bull and Benny in.

The McConnell’s  sue the clinic, hoping to at least recoup the $400k of debt, incurred during this process. Unbelievable!  They meet with the clinic rep, who offers $40k.  Bull raises him  $400k, plus $400k…then $1M!  Ouch!  He surrenders and they get it! 

Yet, their joyous  financial freedom is short lived.  For right there in the halls,  they’re served!    Roderick Walton (David St.Louis) is suing for sole custody, certain he’s the bio father.  He’s brown. 

A joint custody is suggested, yet neither want to share!   A hearing is scheduled. Since family court is solely decided by a judge,  the judge has the final say.  No jury!   

Although, I couldn’t see a way that worked for everyone, Bull did.  He went biblical; Solomon in the old testament…kinda. 

This is  not one of my favorite episodes, yet it did get my full attention, during  the “split” and it did  satisfy both parties!

In case you’ve missed it; check it out on the CBS app or On Demand. It was a very difficult situation,  yet Bull did Solomon proud!

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