The Flash(S06E10) “Marathon”

Welcome back for the second half of the season ladies and gentleman! We have so much that happened and we will try to cover as much as we can; so let’s get to this review!

So in this episode it actually takes place before Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) funeral in Arrow’s series finale episode and the new threat that Team Flash has to deal with in this episode. So because it takes place before Oliver’s funeral we were able to have Diggle (David Ramsey) before he was blasted by the Green Lantern ring when it came to earth. So this is literally the last mission that Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Diggle will be able to be on together, maybe unless if they make an episode after Diggle gets the ring and comes to Barry to discuss his options but I doubt they will.

So with this episode Iris (Candice Patton) was being targeted by a new weekly villain, we had the privilege of seeing our second incarnation of Doctor Light (Emmie Nagata) which is awesome! And much like in the comics she goes by the name after the first Doctor Light and in the comics crossed paths but it seems like the series is making her story a little more interesting. Given that Kimiyo Hoshi/Doctor Light disappeared from Tokyo a year after she received her powers from the star labs accelerator explosion. And we find that Doctor Light is a assassin created by the organization Black Hole. Why this organization chose such a scientific phenomenon name we may never know.

But the target for Doctor Light’s evil killing spree is Iris only because she’s trying to expose the evil organization! I understand why Barry is always racing through life but it doesn’t mean Iris has to race like she’s gonna run to suicide or something. I also understand that Iris is trying to be a hero without powers by being a true reporter but there are times when in life you need to learn to slow down and enjoy life.

Which I find it interesting that Joe (Jesse L. Martin) wasn’t the one telling Barry to slow things down but it was Diggle this time around trying to be the wise guidance friend. And it was Joe who had to tell the exact same thing to Iris to slow down enjoy life while you have it.

But what I find really interesting about this episode is the name of a tech company that works on light technology using ultraviolet rays and lights. Which explains how Doctor Light got her gun but the real thing that was interesting to me was the name of the company McCulloch. For those that don’t know the name McCulloch is one of the many names of people who took up the mantle as Mirror Master. So it made me start thinking what if they turned Mirror Master into a woman in this new reality that we call Earth Prime. Especially when Joseph (Eric Nenninger) said he was taking over his wife’s company in her honor which his wife’s maiden was McCulloch.

And at the end of the episode Iris found out that Eva McCulloch is alive and was working on. Which I think we found out what she was working on, becoming the master of mirrors to become the Mirror Master! We’ll find out next week!

Next Episode: The Flash(S06E11) “Love is a Battlefield” airs Tuesday February 11, 2020 at 8/7c on The CW