Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E14) “Full Frontal Dottie”

bob hearts abishola b2c cpds 1920x1080 45137 1920x1080 - Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E14) "Full Frontal Dottie"Another episode of Bob Hearts Abishola leaves us grinning from ear to ear. To read our recap of the previous episode, click here

The episode starts with a drunken Bob in a yellow cab. Shocking right? Bob is easily the most put together of the Wheeler Clan. The episode goes on to unravel the mystery that is a drunken Bob.

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With Abishola’s stellar care-giving, Dottie is able to move one of her feet. She shows her kids this by kicking them while they pretend (or not) to be hurt by it. She however insists on going back to work as soon as possible. Abishola supports her decision and convinces Bob to let Dottie return to work. On the car ride home, Bob makes some ‘disrespectful’ comments about his mother and Abishola scolds him and defends Dottie.

At MaxDot (I just totally realized this is a combination of Dottie and I’m sure Bobs’s father’s name. Also,  a real sock company)! We see Dottie take the reigns. She immediately scolds all the staff without giving them the opportunity to welcome her properly. Dottie questions every management decision Bob has made in her absence , she also shoots down the idea her children had for compression sleeves. She takes business advice from Abishola who supported every move Dottie made. No wonder Bob was drinking. Imagine having the two most important women in your life turn against you.

Back home, Bob confronts Dottie. She refuses to apologize and continues to belittle Bob’s ability to run MaxDot. This leads Bob to quit.

The episode ends with a drunken Bob going to the warehouse in a yellow cab (as we saw in the opening scene) and eventually drive  a forklift through the warehouse while everyone else watches.

Some positives about this episode; We didn’t get to see the same old immigrant narrative shoved in our faces. These tend to get old really quick. We got to see another side of Bob. I honestly prefer him drunk. He’s much more fun. Also, Dottie leaving the house and showing some improvement was a nice touch as well. The entire episode plot hinged on it and also gave us a taste of well… ‘full frontal’ Dottie.

Chuck Lorre continues to deliver every week and I really hope we get to see the show run for many years to come.

Score; A solid 8/10.

Bob Hearts Abishola returns Thursday February 10 on CBS