Katy Keene premieres

Katy, a lifelong striver who grew up on Delancey, wants to be a famous designer, and personally sews seemingly everything that everyone around her wears. Currently, she’s working at Lacy’s, a Bergdorf-y department store dominated by imperial personal shopper Gloria.

Katy lives in a nominally crammed, arguably gigantic apartment with two ambitious roommates. Jorge is a drag performer with Broadway in his sights. Josie just hopped the spin-off train from Riverdale to New York, seeking music glory in a post-Pussycats paradigm. Their friend Pepper is the “most connected person in New York,” a columnist/filmmaker/self-brand/Friend of Lupita/squatter with Warholian inclinations. There’s also Katy’s boyfriend, KO, a boxer-bouncer in boxer briefs and the lone nice-guy doofus.

New on The CW.