Will & Grace (S11E09) “Bi-Plane”

Ryan Phillippe and Billie Lourd guest star on this episode of Will & Grace. While the gang is all here, they are leading quite separate lives. I suppose that is to be expected, everyone is on their own, personal journeys, and not everything is experienced in First Class (as Karen soon finds out). (Spoilers Ahead)

Going up?

Karen (Megan Mullally) and Jack (Sean Hayes) both have flights to catch, although they end up on two very different ends of the spectrum. While Jack (who is celebrating his one year Anniversary) is treated to first-class, where his doting husband is working, Karen gets a peek into how every day people fly. Cue the dramatics, and not from Jack this time. For the first time in her life, Karen has been taken down a few pegs and experiences her first panic attack. Good thing her assistant is an actual decent person. She held her hand and gave her comfort. It’s the little things, right?

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How can Jack resist? (Photo: IMDB)

Meanwhile, Jack is faced with an improbable situation. His “one-celebrity-he-would-bone” (Ryan Phillippe) just so happens to be on the same flight, in the seat right next to him. When Ryan confides in Jack that his new role is making him nervous, how can Jack not give some sage advice? (yes, it’s as amusing as you could imagine). This is when the “too good to be true” moment comes in. To prepare for his role, Ryan needs to experience sex with another man. Stat.

It’s an amusing dilemma, especially when Estafan (Brian Jordan Alvarez) gives Jack’s his blessing to take his hall pass, and do as he pleases. Not so long ago, this would’ve been exactly what Jack wanted, but he’s a married man now, and that means something. It means something to Estefan too. Those fantasies don’t matter, not when they have each other. That doesn’t mean Ryan can’t watch them, you know, for research purposes.

Love is Love

Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) welcome her niece, Fiona (Billie Lourd), and her friend into their home. It’s clear that Trevor (Peter Graham), her companion, has a flamboyant nature about him. They enjoy his company until it’s revealed that they are actually together, and he’s into both women and men. In this series, there has been an exploration of so many types of relationships, but somehow, this one strikes a nerve with Will and Grace.

willandgraces11e09 - Will & Grace (S11E09) “Bi-Plane”
Welcome to the family. (Photo: IMDB)

Seeing the intolerance seething from them, even if it is coming from a “loving place”, was highly unexpected. Considering how much it took for Will to be comfortable in his own skin. They project these open ideals, but certainly have issues preaching them. They take it upon themselves to set Fiona and Trevor straight. Will and Grace think they’ve walked a mile in their shoes, but everyone is different. Not only are they in love, and have a healthy and strong relationship together, they are planning on getting married. Instead of being happy for them, they let their judgements fly.

Life has changed, and so have the times. When you know who you are, and enjoy the person you’ve become, that’s all that matters. It’s a lesson that Will and Grace sorely needed to learn. Just because things didn’t work out between to two of them, doesn’t mean that everyone else will meet the same fate. Hopefully, this will continue to open their minds and hearts, it’s not all black and white.

Final Thoughts:

There was a touching moment when Grace and Fiona were talking when the memory of Grandma Bobbi came to the forefront. It was a nice nod to the late Debbie Reynolds, and also Billie Lourd’s actual grandma. Cue tears, lots of them.


You can catch a new episode of Will & Grace on Thursday, February 13 on NBC at 9/8c.

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