Star Trek: Picard (S01E03) “The End is The Beginning”

Hail to all trekkies. It’s time for another review of Picard. This show keeps getting better and better with each passing episode. Read on to find out more.


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Picard with Raffi at Starfleet 14 years ago. Photo from IMDB.
the past in the present

The episode opens with a flashback to the attack on Mars, and the aftermath of what happened 14 years ago.  A younger Raffi (Michelle Hurd) meets with a younger Picard (Patrick Stewart) at Starfleet Academy. Picard had just finished his meeting with the council about a new plan to help evacuate Romulus. He tells Raffi that there was a ‘fatal code error’ in the synth and because of that, all synth life forms are now banned. Raffi is not impressed.  Mars is still burning from the attacks.

Starfleet had told Picard his plan was ‘unfeasible’. They were giving in to fear and persecution against the Romulans. Picard gave them an ultimatum; enact his plan or accept his resignation. They take the latter. It was a desperate, final act. They weren’t supposed to take his resignation. Raffi gets a call from CNC. She gets angry because her job is on the line due to what Picard did.

In the present day, Picard is at Raffi’s place. He asks for a ship and a pilot. She becomes hostile, saying she saw his interview, and that he talked too much. Raffi had lost everything because of him. Raffi says the last 14 years of her life were filled with humiliation and rage. All she had wanted was Picard’s support as a friend, which he did not deign to give.

At the reclamation centre, Soji (Isa Briones) has caught the attention of the project director. He tells her he has granted her request to interview Ramdha. (Rebecca Wisocky). Hearing this, Soji gets excited because Ramdha is an expert on Romulan myths and shared experiences.

Picard apologizes to Raffi and tells her what happened with Dahj. Raffi says she has solid evidence that the Mars accident happened because Starfleet let it go through. Picard begs for her help. She refuses. But as he leaves, she informs him that she knows a  pilot named Rios (Santiago Cabera), who would be in contact with him shortly.

meetings and questions

At The Daystrom Institute, Dr. Jurati (Alison Pill) is approached by Commodore Oh (Tamlyn Tomita) who wants to know about her recent visits with Picard. Soji is taken to meet with Ramdha, who is with other recovered Romulan ex-collectives.

Picards sends Raffi all of his information on Maddox. He then meets with Captain Rios on his ship. Rios is injured. Picard sits down and proceeds to tell him that they’re essentially going in blind and that he will ‘do what he has to do’. Picard also remarks that Rios used to be part of Starfleet, and he knows this because of how Rios organized his ship.

Meanwhile, Raffi was able to find a clue in the information Picard gave her. Something called ‘Freecloud’.  Later on, alone on his ship, Rios is trying to relax, but the emergency hologram is trying to convince Rios to work with Captain Picard. Rios gets angry, saying he doesn’t want to help another captain because his captain had died a violent death ten years ago.

an ambush

Picard is back at the vineyard to pack his things and say goodbye. He never felt truly at home in the vineyard. Laris (Orla Brady) comments that he always ‘had one eye on the stars’. Soji is attempting to speak with Ramdha, who is laying tiles out on a table. She asks permission to sit, and Ramdha allows it.

There is an ambush at the vineyard. More Romulan assassins. Picard, Laris, and Zhaban (Jamie McShane) are able to effectively take them out.  While they are assessing the damage, another assassin sneaks in and is about to strike. Agnes shows up and manages to take him out by shooting him. She is very distressed. Agnes sits down and tells Picard about Commodore Oh coming to visit her and that she told her everything. Picard understands. Laris and Zhaban are able to restrain one of the assassins for questioning.

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Soji talking with Ramdha. Photo from IMDB.
‘The destroyer’

Soji attempts to get through to Ramdha. She asks about the tiles. Ramdha replies they are the ‘daily news’. Soji surmises that it is part of the shared framework for dealing with trauma. Going forward, Soji tells Ramdha that her ship was the very last one to be assimilated by the borg cube. There was a submatrix collapse. She asks Ramdha what she remembers. Suddenly, Ramdha gets very agitated and starts talking about how she knows who Soji is. She asks which sister she is. The one who lives or the one who dies. Ramdha calls her ‘The Destroyer’.

While this is happening, the captive assassin at the vineyard also mentions that Soji is ‘The Destroyer’. This is followed by him promptly spitting up acid and dying in agony, with Ramdha managing to grab a weapon and attempting to end her life. Soji steps in to stop her just in time and Ramdha is taken away.

Soji calls her mother and asks about Dhaj. Her mom feeds her a story, and soon afterward Soji passes out on her bed. Later on, Narek (Harry Treadaway) comes to see her.  He asks her how she is feeling.  Soji replies that she had no idea how she had gotten the classified information about the borg cube, but that she has somehow read it all. She asks Narek is he believes her. Narek whispers in her ear that he is falling in love with her.

Narek leaves Soji and gets a visit from his sister, Rizzo (Peyton List). He informs her that Soji does not know who and what she truly is. He gets a warning from Rizzo.


Picard is preparing to leave. The ship is ready. Agnes is adamant that she is coming with him. She has been praying for a miracle, and now she has one. She feels compelled to see Soji. They are transported to the ship. Raffi is there. She is tagging along with them. She found Maddox, who is on Freecloud.  Picard has a ship and crew. The episode ends with the iconic motion of Picard saying ‘engage.’

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Picard and his crew. Photo from IMDB.


Wow. Just wow. Did anyone else ‘fangirl’ a bit when Picard said his iconic line? Oh, the feels and the nostalgia.

There are lots of things going on with repurposed borg cube.  I’m interested in finding out more about Soji being ‘The Destroyer’. Is she the ‘destroyer’ of worlds? galaxies? the universe? time itself? I have a feeling Narek is going to end up betraying his sister. His feelings for Soji run quite deep. That will be an interesting potential conflict to see.

I absolutely love this series and am super glad that they have made it. It’s just that awesome.

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