Bad Boys For Life Movie Review

Bad Boys For Life is the third entry in the Bad Boys saga in a long awaited sequel to Bad Boys  two. The big question you may have is after waiting for seventeen years is this sequel worth the wait and in my honest opinion yes.

The movie starts off what looks like a big chase at first with Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) rushing to his destination with his partner Marcus Burnett ( Martin Lawrence)  barely holding on while talking on the phone about how much time they have. When they immediately get to their destinations you find out that Marcus‘s daughter is having a kid and that’s what the big rushes was.

After that scene is over we switch to prison in Mexico with woman by name of Isabel Aretas played by (Kate del Castillo) who break out of prison with the help of her son Rafe (Charles Melton) and plans on having him get revenge for the both of them for her husband death.

The thing I really like about Bad Boys For Life is how much of a personal driven film it is much like the first. In the first film Mike and Marcus we’re going after a group of individuals that stole drugs from there police station and killed Mike informant/ love interest. In here Mike and Marcus are going after two individuals who want to kill Mike along with certain people around him  for revenge which brings it back to a personal driven storyline.

Another thing really like are the new added faces to the franchise with the Amino squad led  Rita Secada. There a group of younger individual who have there own way on taken down criminal that is much more planed out  compared to Mike and Marcus way on taken down criminals.

If I had pick the one thing that I absolutely love about this film without given away any spoiler it’s the fact they brought back the Bad Boys theme song from the first film and updated it a little bit. They use the song during opening of the film and they also use the song during a big motorcycle chase in which felt like a nice callback to the first.

Bad Boys For Life is proof that a long awaited sequel can not only be worth the wait but also just as good as the first if you have still yet to seen  this movie don’t wait any longer go see Bad Boy For Life before it leaves theaters you won’t regret it.

5 out of 5 stars