Legacies (S02E12) “Kai Parker Screwed Us”

legaciesc - Legacies (S02E12) "Kai Parker Screwed Us"

Kai Parker made his much anticipated appearance this week on Legacies and it was more than refreshing.

If you haven’t yet seen this episode of Legacies, this is fair warning because I have spoilers!

Kai Parker may have been stuck in the prison world for over a decade but he is just as sinister as ever. I particularly like how Chris Wood slipped back into his character. He brought back our favorite villain that we all love to hate.

kai - Legacies (S02E12) "Kai Parker Screwed Us"

With the steady supply of rogue students thanks to our very own Professor-Dad, Kai was able to amass a following in the prison world. The witch, the werewolf and the vampire had become a part of Kai’s band of misfits. Apparently, they played ‘The Hunger Games’ daily.

We get to see the backstory of the students Alaric sent there and the reason for them doing what they did. Alaric did owe it to them to hear their side of the story, but given his history with psychopathic, supernatural, teenage killers, one might understand his need to banish these folks before they become even more dangerous. Did the punishment fit the crime? I don’t know! But it sure made for an amazing story-line I can tell you that.

josie - Legacies (S02E12) "Kai Parker Screwed Us"

Back to Kai, He saves Josie from Jade (Giorgia Whigham) and tries to build some sort of trust with Josie. They play twenty questions as they move through the prison world and for a moment there I thought maybe Kai had changed. I was wrong! I let out a sigh of relief when he revealed he had been playing her from the onset and had been working with the students Alaric had banished.He tricks Josie to get Bonnie’s blood and then leaves her and her father in the hands of Jade, Diego (Carlos Sanson) and Wendy(Ronni Hawk).

Kai being Kai tries to screw over his partners and try to escape the prison world without them. It became painfully clear to him at his point of exit that josie had tricked him. That wasn’t Bennett blood in the vial. I must say I was proud of Josie at this moment. This broke Kai so much that he was willing to jump into the Malivore pit and be forgotten but not without first manipulating Josie into breaking the Mora Miserium. I cannot wait to see the effects josie’s new dark power will have on her and her twin. We got just a taste, but I know Legacies has more in store for us.

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Elsewhere, Lizzie is off gallivanting with her star-crossed lover about the prison world. Sebastian seemed to really enjoy Lizzie’s company and even offered to turn her into a vampire so they can live  happily ever after. Turns out, his offer wasn’t an offer after all. He had tricked Lizzie into drinking his blood and told her it was out of love. Apparently, he had a witch he loved who died, bla, bla bla and he really loved Cassandra… Lizzie… Elizabeth, yes, Elizabeth.  Lizzie goes on to siphon the vamp out of him and throws him in the car as she goes on to meet her family.

However, upon Josie breaking the magical hourglass, Lizzie crashes her vehicle and passes out. If she dies, she dies with Vampire blood in her and would wake up a vampire. Although this would inherently solve the twin merge problem, I don’t yet know how I’d feel about a vampire Lizzie.

I don’t know about you guys but I think under different circumstances, Josie and Kai could actually be a very good team. Even with the lack of trust between them, we see just how well they work together. Also, with Kai waking up in the Salvatore crypt with the Necromancer, we know he is going to wreak havoc.

A few questions. Will Lizzie become a vampire? How will the Saltzmans escape the prison world? What’s next for Josie? Will Kai work with The Necromancer? Will  Hope (she’s absent in this episode) finally utilize her full powers which is being stifled in this franchise? I hope next week’s and subsequent episodes answers these questions satisfactorily.

Until next time.

Legacies returns Thursday at 9/8c on the CW