The Goldbergs (S07E13) “Geoff the Pleaser”

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The Goldbergs (S07E13) “Geoff the Pleaser”

Welcome back my fellow Goldnerds! It’s been a looooong time since my last review (the season premier of The Goldbergs), so I figured it was time for me to start it all up again. I could make up some lame excuses why I didn’t write anything in the past months. So I will😂. Since my last review I’ve visited fellow Goldnerd Ashley in England again, I binged a ton of shows and I moved out of my parents house. That’s really all I can come up with. And honestly, it’s not like I don’t have time to write or anything, I just didn’t do it (i.e. I’m lazy). But enough about me, let’s talk about The Goldbergs’ episode Geoff the Pleaser!

A lot has happened to the Goldbergs while I was being lazy. Barry is now living in his own Jenkintown Pad with the JTP, Geoff and Erica are living together (Gerica forever!!), and Adam tries to get into film school.

The other adam goldberg

In this episode the other Adam Goldberg is finally back. The school organizes a film festival and of course Adam wants to make a movie. When Adam gets to the camera store to buy better film equipment, he gets all his dreams crushed by the other Adam Goldberg, who went to Hollywood to chase his dreams, but didn’t make it. After hearing this, Adam F. decides to give up film making completely. When Bev finds out Adam quit his dream, she talks to the other Adam Goldberg and convinces him to take the role of a lifetime: to get her Adam his dreams back. Of course her plan backfires when Adam finds out Bev and other Adam lied to him. But in the end Bev makes Adam believe in himself again through a highlight reel, worthy of an Academom Award, of all the movies Adam has ever made. Adam realizes that film making is what he wants to do, and Beverly assures him that as long as he never gives up, he can make it in Hollywood.

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geoff, the house manager

In the meantime, the JTP is starting to have some problems in their apartment because they are not paying the bills. In order to get them organized, they ask Geoff for help. Geoff, unable to say no, starts helping them out and even becomes their house manager. When he realizes he’s a pleaser, Geoff goes to Murray, the person who never pleases anyone, to get some advice.


Murray teaches him the acronym LUMP: Lower expectations, Underwhelm, Mumble and moron, Pants (or no pants, really). Geoff puts his new skills into action, and in the most ‘un-Geoff’ way possible gets the JTP and Erica off his back. At least for a while. The JTP and Erica are back soon though, asking him to do stuff for them. Geoff has had enough and blows up at them and tells them to figure things out for themselves. They realize they’ve screwed up and make up to Geoff by encouraging him to go to college.

Final thoughts

It was fun to have the other Adam back. It’s a shame he didn’t make it into Hollywood on his first try, but at least he inspired Adam. Also, how cute was that highlight reel with footage of tiny Adam.

In this episode, my favorite part was definitely Murray. Although he wasn’t on for a long time, the advice he gave Geoff was hilarious and very typical. I also like it that the show finally gets Geoff to do something meaningful again. I hope he will actually go to college and enjoys it.

To recap…

It was awesome to see the other Adam Goldberg. But my favorite storyline was Geoff’s. His relationship with the JTP has always been great, and I think it’s good that he finally stood up for himself, something he doesn’t do very often. Like I already said, I’m happy he plans to go to college, I also like it that he becomes a bigger part of the show, now that his relationship with Erica is evolving as well. I’m very interested where they are going to be taking the storyline of Geoff and Erica living together, especially now that the family knows. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what the rest of the season will bring them.

Have fun watching The Oscars (the inferior equivalent of the Academoms) tonight!

Who knows when I’ll be back with another review, I hope soon, now that I’m back to writing again! All I can say is that The Goldbergs is back this Wednesday 12 February at 8/7c on ABC. Oh and don’t forget about Schooled at 8:30/7:30c, which is getting better and better as this season progresses!